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Medical Roots P-S

Word Parts

MeaningWord Part
pain -algia, odynia
pain -algesia, algi/o, algesi/o
painful dys-
palate palat/o
pancreas pancreat/o
paralysis -plegia
paralysis (partial) paresis
parathyroid parathyr/o, parathyroid/o
partial semi-
pelvis pelvi/o
perineum perine/o
peritoneum periton, peritone/o
perspiration hidr/o, idr/o
pertaining to -ac, -al, -ar, -ary, -ial, -ic, -ical, -ile, -ous
pharynx pharyng/o
pituitary pituitar, hypophys
plastic repair -plasty
platelet thrombocyt/o
pleura pleur/o
poison tox/o, toxic/o
poor mal-
potassium kali
pregnant woman gravida
pressure bar/o
production -poiesis
productive cell blast
profuse flow -rhage, -rhagia
prostate prostat/o
protein prote/o
puncture centesis
pupil pupill/o
pus py/o
pylorus pylor/o
radiation radi/o
rapid tachy-
reading -lexia
rectum rect/o, proct/o
red erythr/o
red blood cell erythr/o, erythrocyt/o
removal de-, dis-
renal pelvis pyel/o
repair (surgical) -rhaphy
respiration pneum/o, pneumon/o, pneumat/o
resembling -form, -oid
retina retin/o
rib cost/o
right dextr/o
root of spinal nerve radicul/o
rupture -rhexis
sacrum sacr/o
saliva, salivary gland sial/o
same homo-, homeo-
sclera (of eye) scler/o
scrotum osche/o
sebum, sebaceous gland seb/o
seizure -lepsy
self auto-
semen semin, sperm/i, spermat/o
seminal vesicle vesicul/o
sensation -esthesia, esthesi/o