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Medical Roots I-L

Word Parts

MeaningWord Part
islets (pancreatic) insul/o
ileum ile/o
ilium ili/o
immature cell blast
immunity immun/o
in endo-, intra-
in front of pre-, pro-
incision of -tomy
incomplete atel/o-
increased hyper-
inflammation -itis
ingest phag/o
instrument for incising (cutting) -tome
instrument for measuring -meter
instrument for recording data -graph
instrument for viewing or examining -scope
intestine enter/o
iris ir, irid/o, irit/o
iron ferr/i, ferr/o, sider/o
irregular poikilo-
jaw gnath/o
jejunum jejun/o
joint arthr/o
keratin kerat/o
kidney nephr/o, ren/o
labor toc/o
labyrinth labyrinth/o
lack of a-, an-
lacrimal apparatus dacry/o, lacrim/o
lacrimal sac dacryocyst/o
larynx laryng/o
left sinistr/o
lens lent/i, phac/o, phak/o
leukocyte leuk/o, leukocyt/o
level of carbon dioxide -capnia
level of oxygen -oxia
light phot/o
like -form, -oid
lip cheil/o, labi/o
lipid lip/o
liver hepat/o
localized dilation -cele
loosening lysis
loss de-
lumbar region, lower back lumb/o
lung, lungs pneum/o, pneumon/o, pulm/o, pulmon/o
lymph, lymphatic system lymph/o
lymphocyte lymph/o, lymphocyt/o
lymph node lymphaden/o
lymphatic vessel lymphangi/o
lysing -lytic