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Med. Term. 16

Medical Terminology Prefixes, Suffixes, and Combining Forms "Q, R"

quadri- four
quantitat/o- quantity or amount
radic/o- all parts, including the root
radicul/o- spinal nerve root
radi/o- radius (forearm bone); x-rays; radiation
rap/o- to seize and drag away
re- again and again; backward; unable to
react/o- reverse movement
recept/o- receive
recess/o- to move back
rect/o- rectum
recuper/o- recover
reduct/o- to bring back; decrease
refract/o- bend; deflect
regurgitat/o- flow backward
relax/o- relax
remiss/o- send back
ren/o- kidney
repress/o- press back
resect/o- to cut out; remove
resist/o- withstand the effect of
resuscit/o- revive; raise up again
retard/o- slow down; delay
retent/o- keep; hold back
reticul/o- small network
retin/o- retina
retro- behind; backward
rhabd/o- rod-shaped
rheumat/o- watery discharge
rhin/o- nose
rhiz/o- spinal nerve root
rhythm/o- rhythm
rhytid/o- wrinkle
rib/o- ribonucleic acid
roentgen/o- x-rays; radiation
rotat/o- rotate
-rrhage excessive flow or discharge
rrhag/o- excessive flow or discharge
-rrhaphy procedure of suturing
-rrhea flow; discharge
rrhea/o- flow; discharge
rrhythm/o- rhythm
-rubin red substance
rub/o- red
rug/o- ruga (fold)
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