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NPO Nothing by Mouth
pre-op before operation
PO by Mouth
EENT eyes, ears, nose, throat examination
OPD outpatient department (clinic)
Ob-Gyn Obstetrics Gynecology
qod every other day
VS Vital Signs
q2h every two hours
gtts drops
OU each eye
qid four times a day
Dx Diagnosis
COPD Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease
O2 oxygen
prn whenever necessary
IPPB intermittent positive presure breathing
Sig Give the following directions
Cap capsules
tid three times a day
-c with
CVA Cerebral Vascualr Accident (stroke)
CT computerized tomography
stat immediately
Rx Prescription
KCL Potassium Chloride
IV Intravenous(inside)
EMT Emergency Medical Technician
ACLS Advance Cardiac Life Saving
crani pertaining to the skull
otomy cutting into
dys difficult
uria urine
hyster uterus
ectomy surgical removal of
hemo blood
toxic poison
D/C Dicontinue, Discharge
OR Operating Room
ac before meals
stat immediately
RN Registered Nurse
Wt weight
Cl chloride, chlorine
AP apical pulse
T temerature
spec Sepcimen
-ss one half
-s without
pt patient, or pint
BP blood pressure
R Respiration or rectal
Na Sodium
CDC Central Disease Control
DRG diagnosis related group
LMP last menstrual period
carcin cancer, malignancy
oma tumor, a swelling
electro electrical
encephalo brain
graoh diagram, instrument, for recording
osteo Bone
Created by: Nataliee