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Medical Roots A-B

Word Parts

MeaningWord Part
abdomen abdomin/o, celi/o
abdominal wall lapar/o
abnormal dys-
abnormally high hyper-
abnormally large macro-, mega-, megalo-
abnormally low hypo-
above super-, supra-
absence a-, an-, dis-
absorbing -philic
accumulation of fluid edema
across trans-
act of recording data -graphy
acting on -tropic
adrenal adren/o
adrenal cortex adrenocortic/o
after post-
again re-
against anti-, contra-
air aer/o, pneumat/o
all pan-
amnion amnio
anus an/o
aorta aort/o
arm brachi/o
around circum-, peri-
arteriole arteriol/o
artery arter, ateri/o
atrium atri/o
attracting -philic
away from ab-, ex/o-
babble -lalia
bacillus bacill/i, bacill/o
back re-
backward retro-
bacterium bacteri/o
bad mal-
before ante-, pre-, pro-
behind post-, retro-
below hypo-, infra-, sub-
beside para-, juxta-
between inter-
beyond trans-
bile bili, chol/e, chol/o
bile duct cholangi/o
binding -desis
birth nat/i
black melan/o
bladder (urinary) cyst/o, vesic/o
blood -emia, -hemia, hem/o, hemat/o
blood clot thromb/o
blue cyan/o-
bone oste/o
bone marrow myel/o
brain encephal/o
breaking clasis, clasia
breast mamm/o, mast/o
breathing -pnea, spir/o
bronchiole bronchiol
bronchus bronch/i, bronch/o
bursa burs/o
bursting forth -rhage, -rhagia