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EGYPT HOLT 6th grade


a mixture of tinny bits of soil and rock silt
a very fertile, flat land made of silt left behind as the river drains into a larger body of water delta
Nile River worlds largest river flows over 4,000 miles north.
Lower Egypt downstream part of the Nile.
Upper Egypt The southern region, cut through cliffs and desert dands.
Unification joining of seperate parts into one.
Pharaoh rulers of Egypt, highest on social pyramid
economy the way people manage money and resource
hieroglyphics system of writing made up of about 800 picture signs
scribe writers who kept records of details great and small
papyrus a reed plant that grows along Nile, Ancient Egyptioans used to make paper
Menes first pharoh of Egypt
Khufu Pharaoh ordered construction of the Great Pyramid to be his tomb.
Memphis Egypts capital city
Thebes upper Egypts capital revolt.
empire a group of lands and peoples ruled by one government
expedition a group of people who go on a trip for a set reason
Ahmose set out to make Egypt the strongest military power in its part of the world
Hatshepsut one of the few female pharos. expanded egyptian trade.
Tutankhamun young man who ruled Egypt from 9 yrs old -19 when he died. Best known today for his magnificent tomb.
Nubia Southern Kingdom thriving with gold mines and trading networks.
Kush Wealthy Kingdom controlled rich trade routes to other African Kingdoms
Valley of the Kings Resting place of 30 New Kingdom Pharaohs
Social Pyramid How egyptian society was shaped.
slavery practice of one person owning another person.
small scale map view of the "Big Picture"
large scale map provides more details aout smaller areas.
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