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fmboards dermatology

fm boards 2010

treatment for rosacea avoiding aggravating factors, antibiotics, metronidazole, isotretinoin
complications of rosacea rhinophyma(build up of tissue around the nose) and ocular rosacea(burning and gritty feeling)
herald patch pityriasis rosea
christmas tree pattern pityriasis rosea
treatment for pityriasis rosea no treatment, if itching topical steroid
cradle cap in children a.k.a. seborrheic dermatitis
seborrheic dermatitis cause is unknown but linked to Malassezia furfur
treatment of seborrheic dermatitis-scalp vs skin scalp-medicated shampoo, ketoconazole skin-topical steroids and topical ketoconazole
define psoriasis chronic inflammatory skin disorder caused by excessive and rapid skin cell production
cause of psoriasis unknown but hypothesized to be immune related
what is koebner's phenomenon when psoriasis occurs at the site of trauma
following a strep infection what type of psoriasis can you have Guttate psoriasis
treatment for mild vs severe psoriasis mild-steroids, retinoids, vitamin d severe-phototherapy, retinoids, methotrexate, and cyclosporin.
lichen planus inflammatory disease that affects the mucous membranes
lichen planus affects what age 30-60
cause of lichen planus unknown
describe the skin lesions of lichen planus violaceious violet papules a few millimeters in diameter, pruritic
wickman's stria surface network of white lines that are sometimes present on the skin lesions
describe the oral lesion white lesions in the oral cavity
treatment for lichen planus no treatment
does lichen planus re-occur yes, often
2 main causes of cellulitis stap and strep
cause of cellulitis in children h flu
cause of cellulitis after animal bite pasturella multocida
treatment for cellulitis cephalosporin or augmentin
2 bacteria that cause impetigo staph or group A strep
erysipelas is caused by what bacteria strep pyogenes
describe the rash with erysipelas red, well demarcated, firm and tender
complication of erysipelas bacteremia and sepsis
treatment for erysipelas oral or iv antibiotics
compare KOH screen for tinea versicolor vs candidiasis tv-budding hyphae cand-pseudohyphae
scabies is treated with 2 types of medication permethrin or crotamition
Define pediculosis skin infection from lice
how is head lice diagnosis woods lamp-nits appear blue
treatment for head lice 3 medications permethrin shampoo, malathion shampoo, or lindane cream
Stevens-Johnson Syndrome is defined as erythema multiforme major-severe inflammatory condition of the skin thought to be caused be a drug reaction
S-Johnson patients present with tongue and facial swelling, mucoal erosions, skin sloughing, diffuse hives, and target lesions
treatment of Stevens-Johnson syndrome stop offending agent, and supportive care, pain medication, iv fluids, and local skin care
complications of Stevens-Johnson syndrome cellulitis and sepsis
define toxic epidermal necrolysis severe, life threatening inflammatory skin condition that is generally felt to be an allergic reaction to a medication which affects the mucous membrane of the mouth, nose and eyes
what is the Nikolsky's sign putting pressure on an area which causes a spread of blisters
treatment of toxic epidermal necrolysis supportive, burn unit prn , IV IG
mortality rate for toxic epidermal necrolysis 30-40 %
characteristics of melanoma irregular shaped, dark color, change over time, >1/4 inch, asymmetric, bleeding mole
treatment for melanoma surgery, chemo and radiation
prognosis for melanoma depends on stage if there is distant spread 5 year survival is less than 10 %
other types of skin cancer-2 basal cell and squamous cell
most common type of skin cancer basal cell
appearance of bcc waxy, pearly, papules
treatment for bcc surgical excision
appearance of scc varies from red papule to flat crusty lesion or scaly lesion
treatment for scc mohs surgery
actinic keratosis are precursor to what cancer squamous cell carcinoma
treatment for ak's cyro, topical 5 fluorouracil and imiquimod
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