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fmboard cardiology

FM board exam 2010

hypertension is defined as systolic bp > and diastolic bp > 140/90
pre-hypertension parameters 120-139/80-89
stage I hypertension parameters 140-159/90-99
stage II hypertension paremeters above 160/100
when treating hyperlipidemai, only one drug doesn't require lft monitoring bile acid resins
name the 3 types cholestyramine(questran), colestipol(colestid), and colesevelam(whelchol)
what lab test is diagnostic for CHF bnp
what does bnp test it is a protein released by myocardial cells when they are stretched
in v tachycardia, how are stable vs non stable patients treated stable with iv amiodarone, unstable with cardioversion
what symptom do patients with wolf parkinson white syndrome present palpitations
ekg findings of wolf parkinson white syndrome shortened PR, delta wave, and wide QRS
treatment of pericardial effusion NSAIDS, steroids, and colchicine. may require drainage
at what size is an anuerysm treated surgically > 4 cm
what two factors make a heart murmur more likely to be pathologic grade III or louder, occurs during diastole
type of heart defect that tends to present in the patients late teens or early twenties, shortness of breath, exercise intolerance, and edema atrial septal defect
what type of murmur will be heard in Atrial septal defect loud systolic ejection murmur
what is the most common congenital heart defect VSD-ventricular septal defect
what type of murmur will be heard in a VSD-ventricular septal defect holosystolic
6 examples of cyanotic, congenital heart disease transposition of great vessels, truncus arteriosis, tetralogy of fallot, total anomalous pulmonary venous return, hypoplastic left heart syndrome and tricspid and pulmonary atresia
in cyanotic, congenital heart disease, if it is ductus dependent what do you treat with prostaglandis
where will murmur be heard for MVO, mitral regurgitation, and aortic stenosis apex-click, left sternal border-blow, base-harsh
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