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Med. Term. Suhailah9

Medical Terminology Prefixes, Suffixes, Combing Forms "I"

-ia condition; state; thing
-iac pertaining to
-ial pertaining to
-ian pertaining to
-ias condition
-iasis state of; process of
-iatic pertaining to a state or process
iatr/o- physician; medical treatment
-iatry medical treatment
-ic pertaining to
-ical pertaining to
-ice state; quality
-ician skilled professional or expert
-ics knowledge; practice
icter/o- jaundice
ict/o- seizure
-id resembling; source or origin
-ide chemically modified structure
idi/o- unknown; individual
-ie a thing
-il a thing
-ile pertaining to
ile/o- ileum (3rd part of small intestine)
ili/o- ilium (hip bone)
illus/o- false perception
im- not
-immune immune response
immun/o- immune response
impact/o- wedged in
implant/o- placed within
in- in; within; not
-in a substance
incarcer/o- to imprison
incis/o- to cut into
incud/o- incus (anvil-shaped bone)
induct/o- a leading in
-ine thing pertaining to
infarct/o- area of dead tissue
infect/o- disease within
infer/o- below
inflammat/o- redness and warmth
infra- below; beneath
-ing doing
inguin/o- groin
inhibit/o- block; hold back
inject/o- insert; put in
insemin/o- plant a seed
insert/o- to put in; introduce
inspect/o- looking at
insulin/o- insulin
insul/o- island
integument/o- skin
integu/o- to cover
inter- between
intern/o- inside
interstiti/o- spaces within tissue
intestin/o- intestine
intra- within
intrins/o- on the inside
intussuscep/o- to receive within
invas/o- to go into
involut/o- enlarged organ returns to normal size
iodin/o- iodine
iodo/o- iodine
-ion action; condition
-ior pertaining to
-ious pertaining to
irid/o- iris (colored part of the eye)
ir/o- iris
ischi/o- ischium (hip bone)
isch/o- keep back; block
-ism process; disease from a specific cause
-ist one who specializes in
-istic pertaining to
-istry process related to the specialty of
-isy condition of inflammation or infection
-ite thing that pertains to
-itian a skilled professional or expert
-itic pertaining to
-ition condition of having
-itis inflammation of; infection of
-ity state; condition
-ium a chemical element; a structure
-ive pertaining to
-ix a thing
-ization process of making, creating, or inserting
-ize affecting in a particular way
-izer thing that affects in a particular way
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