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Med. Term. Suhailah8

Medical Terminology Prefixes, Suffixes, Combing Forms "H"

habilitat/o- give ability
halit/o- breath
hallucin/o- imagined perception
hal/o- breathe
hebe/o- youth
hec/o- habitual condition of the body
hedon/o- pleasure
helic/o- a coil
hemat/o- blood
hemi- one half
hem/o- blood
hemoglobin/o- hemoglobin
hemorrh/o- a flowing of blood
hemorrhoid/o- hemorrhoid
hepat/o- liver
heredit/o- genetic inheritance
hered/o- genetic inheritance
herni/o- hernia
heter/o- other
hex/o- habitual condition of the body
hiat/o- gap; opening
hidr/o- sweat
hil/o- hilum (indentation in an organ)
hirsut/o- hairy
histi/o- tissue
home/o- same
hom/i- man
hormon/o- hormone
humer/o- humerus (upper arm bone)
hyal/o- clear, glasslike substance
hydatidi/o- fluid-filled vesicles
hydr/o- water; fluid
hygien/o- health
hy/o- U-shaped structure
hyper- above; more than normal
hypn/o- sleep
hypo- below; deficient
hypophys/o- pituitary gland
hyster/o- uterus (womb)
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