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Med. Term. Suhailah5

Medical Terminology Prefixes, Suffixes, Combing Forms "E"

e- without; not
-eal pertaining to
ec- out; outward
ecchym/o- blood in the tissues
ech/o- echo (sound wave)
eclamps/o- a seizure
-ectasis condition of dilation
ectat/o- dilation
ecto- outermost; outside
-ectomy surgical excision
ectop/o- outside of a place
-ed pertaining to
-edema swelling
edentul/o- without teeth
-ee person who is the object of an action
efface/o- do away with; obliterate
effer/o- go out from the center
effus/o- a pouring out
ejaculat/o- to expel suddenly
-elasma platelike structure
elast/o- flexing; stretching
electr/o- electricity
-elle little thing
em- in
-ema condition
emaci/o- to make thin
embol/o- embolus (occluding plug)
embryon/o- embryo; immature form
-emesis condition of vomiting
emet/o- to vomit
-emia condition of the blood; substance in the blood
-emic pertaining to a condition of the blood or a substance in the blood
emiss/o- to send out
emot/o- moving; stirring up
emulsific/o- droplets of fat suspended in a liquid; particles suspended in a solution
en- in; within; inward
-ence state of
encephal/o- brain
-encephaly condition of the brain
-ency condition of being
endo- innermost; within
-ent pertaining to
enter/o- intestine
-entery condition of the intestine
enucle/o- to remove the main part
enur/o- to urinate
-eon one who performs
eosin/o- eosin (red acidic dye)
ependym/o- cellular lining
epi- upon; above
epilept/o- seizure
epiphys/o- growth area at the end of a long bone
episi/o- vulva (female external genitalia)
-er person or thing that produces or does
erect/o- to stand up
erg/o- activity; work
-ergy activity; process of working
erupt/o- breaking out
-ery process of
erythemat/o- redness
Erythr/o- red
-esis a process
es/o- inward
esophag/o- esophagus
esthes/o- sensation; feeling
esthet/o- sensation; feeling
estr/a- female
estr/o- female
ethm/o- sieve
-etic pertaining to
eti/o- cause of disease
-ety condition; state
etym/o- word origin
eu- normal; good
ex- out; away from
exacerb/o- increase; provoke
excis/o- to cut out
excori/o- to take out skin
excret/o- removing from the body
exhibit/o- showing
ex/o- away from; external; outward
explorat/o- to search out
express/o- communicate
extens/o- straightening
extern/o- outside
extra- outside of
extrins/o- on the outside
exud/o- oozing fluid
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