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Throck Middle East

Throck Middle East and North Africa

Why is the Fertile Cresent historically important? The oldest agricultural community, Mesopotamia, was located there between the Tigris and Euphrates River.
What do the Sahara and Rub' Al Khali have in common? both are deserts Sahara in North Africa Rub' Al Khali in Saudi Arabia
What are some challenges to farming in the regions? arid climate (50% of region is desert) and mountanous land. exceptions are the oases
What is the world's largest desert? Sahara Desert, which is increasing in size due to overgrazing and drought.
What is a holy city in Israel to the Jews, Muslims and Christians? Jerusalem
What is the dominant religion in the region? (hint- it is also the youngest of the 3) Islam
What civilization meant "land between two rivers?" in Greek? Mesopotamia, in present-day Iraq
Where in Egypt do 90% of its population live, causing there to be an uneven population distribution? along the Nile River and its delta
THe Red Sea separates the Arabian Peninsula from what continent? Africa
What is the Caspian Sea? largest landlocked body of water in the world
What large peninsula contains the countries of Saudi Arabia and Oman? Arabian Peninsula
What is pastorialism? the raising and grazing of livestock, as seen in the steppe
What occurs because the African, Arabian and Eurasian plates congerve in the region? changing landscape, earth quakes, ect.
What prevents the Nile River from flooding and depositing alluvial soil on the surrounding farmland? Aswan High Dam
What are 4 things the Palestinians and Israelis are fighting over? land, water, property, religion
The Palestinians want a Palestinian state in what regions? Gaza Strip and West Bank
How did Israel come to exist? Palestine was partitioned in 1947 by the U.N. to create Israel. Since then, Israel has gained more territory through war.
Of the 70% of the world's oil reserves in the region, what Arab country controls the largest portion? Saudi Arabia
What organization made of Arab and non-Arab countries controls petroleum prices world wide? Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
What OPEC country is located in the Middle East/Southwest Asia, but is not ARAB? Iran (most are Persians who speak Farsi)
Which of the 3 major religions is the area is the oldest? Judaism
All three religions are monotheistic. What does that mean? followers believe in ONE God.
Where did all three religions start? In the Middle East/southwest Asia
Most Arabs speak ______________, while most Jews speak____________ Arabic; Hebrew
What body of water is shrinking due to rapid evaporation, leaving behind concentrated levels of salt? Dead Sea
What are the sandy dunes in deserts called? ergs
What is the rocky gravel in deserts called? regs
In the Six Day War in 1967, what territory did Israel gain from Egypt that it later returned? Sinai Peninsula
What important water way cuts through the Sinai Peninsula and is a major route for the shipment of oil? Suez Canal
What is a culture group of people called that do not have territory of thier own to govern? stateless nation
Give an example of a stateless nation. Jews prior to WWII Palestinians since 1947 Kurds
What effect do the Jewish settlements in the West Bank and the Wall have? the de facto annexation of Palestinian territory to Israel.
Why was the Golan Heights important to Israel and Syria? the area feeds the Jordan River, which supplies 30% of Israel's water
The Strait of Hormuz connects the Persian Gulf to the ____________Sea, and is the route of most oil from the region. Arabian Sea
The Torah is the holy book for what religion Judaism
The Koran is the holy book for what religion? Islam
Created by: davislauren
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