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Abbrevations 2nd grading period, Brittany Benning

peds- pediatrics
PEN- penicillin
per- by or through
pharm- pharmacy
PM or p.m.- afternoon
PMS- post menstrual syndrome
po pr PO- by mouth
pos- positive
postop- postoperative(after surgery)
preop- preoperative(before surgery)
prep- preparation
prn- as needed
PT- physical therapy
Pt or pt- patient
qd- every day
qh- every hour
q(2,3,4)h- every (2,3,4) hours
qid- four times a day
qn- every night
QNS- quantity not sufficient
qod- every other day
QS- quantity sufficient
quad- quadriplegic
R- respiration
RE- rectal examination
reg- regular
rehab- rehabilitation
RMA- registered medical assistant
Rx- prescription
s (line over it)- without
SC or SQ- subcutaneous
S/E- side effects
sec- second
sigmoid- sigmoidoscopy
sl- slight
sm- small
SOB- shortness of breath
sol- solution
spec- specimen
STAT- immediately
surg- surgery
T- temperature
tab,tabs- tablet,tablets
temp- temperature
ther- therapy
tid- three times a day
TLC- total lung capacity,tender loving care
TPR- temperature,pulse and respiration
abd- abdomen
AD- right ear
AS- left ear
AU- in each ear,both ears
EENT- eye,ear,nose and throat
GI- gastrointestinal
GU- genitourinary
L (with a circle around it)or lt- left
LA (with a circle around it) left arm
LL (with a circle around it) left leg
LLQ- lower left quadrant
LRQ- left right quadrant
LUQ- left upper quadrant
OD- right eye
OS- left eye
OU- in each eye, both eyes
R (circle around it) or rt- right
RA (circle around it)- right arm
RL (circle around it) right leg
RLQ- right lower quadrant
RUQ- right upper quadrant
Created by: brittanybenning