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Skeletal Reveiw

Skeletal System & Terms Reveiw

diaphysis tubular shaft of long bones
epiphysis end portion of long bones
process any projection or bump (coracoid process)
ramus exension of bone making angle w/structure (vertical portion of mandible deep to masseter)
trochanter large, rough projection - tendon or ligament attach (greater trochanter- gluteus medius, minimus and deep rotator muscles of femer attach)
tuberosity small, rough projection - tendon or ligament attach (ischial tuberosity - sit bone, hamsrings, adductor magnus & sacrotuberous ligament attachment site)
tubercle small round projection - tendon or ligament attach ( Lister's tubercle - dorsal surface of radial styloid process - extensor pollicis longus tendon attach)
epicondyle projection (usually to side) on condyle - tendon or ligament attach -(epicondyles of humerus - medial site tendons of wrist & hand flexors. Lateral site for tendons of wrist & hand extensors.
crest small round projection - tendon or ligament attach (pubic crest - rectus abdominis and abdominal aponeurosis)
line low ridge - tendon or ligament attach (lina aspera on femur - Vastus Lateralis & Medialis attach)
spine ridge - tendon or ligament attach (spine of scapula - posterior deltoid, middle and lower fibers of trapezius attach)
head - articular end of epiphysis - articulation site bone to bone (head of radius - stablized by annular ligament - pivoting point for supination & pronation)
neck between epiphysis and diaphysis
condyle smooth rounded articular process articulation site bone to bone (femur)
trochlea grooved articular process shaped like pulley - distal end of the humerus that articulates with the ulna.
facet small, flat articular surface
fossa shallow depression (infraspinous fossa)
sulus narrow groove (depression)
foramen passageway for vessles and nerves - opening (vertebral foramen)
canal passage way through the substance of a bone - opening (vertebra canal for spinal nerve)
fissure elogated cleft - opening
sinus chamber within a bone - opening
long bones long & slender (femur, tibula, fibula, humerus)
short bones smal and boxy (carpals, tarsals)
flat bones thin, parallel surfaces (sternum, ribs, scapula)
irregular bones complex shapes (vetebrae, pelvis, skull)
sesamoid bones smal,l flat, seed like (patella)
sutural bones small, flat, irregular
long bones arm, leg, hand, toes
short bones carpals, tarsals
flat bones sternum, rigs, scapula
irregular bones vetebrae, pelvis, skull
sutural bones between bones of skull
sesamoid bones patella
anticubital front of the elbow
cubital forearm
crural thigh
sural calf of the leg
antibrachial forearm
synarthrose immovable joint
amphiarthrosis slightly moveable joint
diarthrosis freely moving joint
fibrous joint synarthrose joint
cartilagenous joint amphiarthrosis joint
synovial joint diarthrosis joint
suctures joint fibrous joint
symphyses cartilagenous joint- An articulation in which bones are united by cartilage without a synovial membrane
ball & socket synovial joint
gomphoses (roots of teeth) synarthroses joint
intervertebral disc amphiarthrosis joint
pivot joint (radius - ulnar) diarthrosis joint
hinge joint (elbow, knee) synovial joint
ellipsodial Joint (wrist) synovial joint
saddle joint (carpal - metacarpal) synovial joint
gliding joint (carpal - carpal) synovial joint
meatus body opening or passage, such as the opening of the ear (auditory meatus) or the urethral canal
nucleus pulposus soft, fibrocartilaginous central portion of the intervertebral disk
Annulus fibrosus A fibrous and cartilage ring that forms the circumference of a vertebrae
endosteum cells lining the medullary cavity of a bone
periosteum dense fibrous membrane covering the surface of bones except at the joints
retinaculum holds organ or tissue in place
galabella inner eye (CV1)