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Ancient Middle East

term or namedefinition/details
city-state political order of Mesopotamia
theocracy when gov't and religion are tightly connected
monarchy gov't run by a king or queen
polytheistic belief in many gods or goddesses
dynasty job of king or ruler is inherited or passed down in family
economy having to do with good made and how they are obtained
Mesopotamia means land between two rivers
Fertile Crescent nickname for Mesopotamia
Euphrates and Tigris names of major rivers in Mesopotamia
Sumer southern region of Mesopotamia first settled
Babylon Hammurabi's home town and a capital of the empire for several kings
ziggurat term for temple built in Mesopotamia
divine right many ancient kings claimed their right to rule came from gods
agriculture early and most important industry in Mesopotamia-means farming
copper, silver, and gold first metals to be used in Mesopotamia
Iraq modern name of Mesopotamia
Sargon empire builder and conqueror of Mesopotamia
Hammurabi outdid Sargon and also built big empire
Code of Hammurabi 282 strict written laws left by Hammurabi
stele black basalt stone monument with laws on it
scribe an official writer
Enki god of water of Meso
Ishtar love goddess
Epic of Gilgamesh great Meso story of flood
patriarchal father head of family
patrilineal father head of family-get his name
cuneiform wedge writing of Meso
Black Land Egyptian name for fertile land near Nile
Nile river of Egypt-longest in world
natural barriers natural features that deter invaders
Menes king to united land into Egyptian kingdom
Khufu most famous king built pyramids
Giza city where great pyramids are built
pyramid tomb for dead kings
pharaoh mean king or great house
vizier advisor to king like a vice prez
Hyksos invaders with chariots who conquered Egypt for a time
bronze metal learned from Hyksos used to make chariots and better weapons
Hatshepsut first Egyptian women to rule and first women in world to rule
regent temporary ruler
King Tut boy king with great tomb
Ramses let Hebrews finally leave Egypt
hieroglypics picture writing of Egypt
papyrus stuff Egypt wrote on
Minos King of Crete or Minoans
Palace of Knossus great palace of Minoans
nomads people who go from place to place usually herd animals
cultural diffusion spread of ideas and goods done by nomads
Phoenicians sailors and traders who hooked us on phonics!
colony Phoenicians sent people to live and run areas out of Phoenicia to help with trade
purple made Phoenicans lots of money
alphabet greatest gift of Phoencians to world besides purple!
Judaism religion of the Hebrews
monotheism belief in one god
Yahweh Hebrew word for God
Torah holy book of Judaism also Old Testament
Ten Commandments 10 rules to live by given by Yahweh
synogogue Jewish temple
covenent belief that if Jews lived by Yahweh's rules that he would take care of h is chosen people
prophets holy messengers used by Yahweh to deliver messages
Solomon wise and beloved king of Hebrews
Assyrians first with large armies with iron weapons
siege warfare tactic of Assyrians to destroy and torture everything and everyone
Iran modern day name for Persian
Cyrus the Great wise and mercyful Persian king-conquered and used methods and knowledge of all cultures
Darius the Great tightened set up of Persian gov't and roads
Zoroastrianism Persian monotheistic religion
Zoroaster founder of Zoroastrian religion
Zend Avesta holy book of Zoroastrian religion
Ahuramazda 1 god of Zoroastrianism
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