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PTCE - Equipment

echocardiogram used to measure the functionality of the heart valves
electrocardiogram used to measure cardiac rates and rhythms
peak flow meter used to measure and manage asthma in an individual
phototherapy used in treatment of neonatal jaundice; consists of illuminator, fiber optic cable, and fiber optic panel
PNEumograms two-channel recording of heart rate and respiration in monitoring of aPNEa
sphygmomanometer measures vital capacity
CADD-plus pump infusion pumps for antibiotics
CADD prizm PCS pump for patient-controlled analgesia (PCA)
CADD-TPN infusion pump for Total Parenteral Nutrition
elastometric balloon system pressurized balloon; infusion results when device is inflated
enema syringes used for irrigating water, salt solution, soapsuds, or special medications
gravity infusion system medication in a minibag is infused by gravity; patient controls the number of drops
IV push system manually depressing syringe
syringe infusions system medication is infused by a special syringe pump
traction may be either flexion or hyperextension; can be used for cervical or pelvic traction
transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation delivers electrical signalsthroughout the skin to control pain
vacuum constriction device nonsurgical solution to impotence in men; the penis is placed in a vacuum cylinder, which generates blood flow, resulting in an erection
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