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Chabner Chaptr 19/20


What does the notation T1N2M0 mean? Tumor is present with palpable regional lymph nodes and no metastases
What is the definition of mutation? Inheritable change in a cell
Which is an example of a known type of inherited cancer? Retinoblastoma
Which term means cancerous tumor derived from bone? Osteogenic sarcoma
test for presence of human chorionic gonadotropin hormone ( a merker for testicular cancer) beta-HCg test
incision of the abdomen to determine the extent of the disease staging laparotomy
protein marker test to detect ovarian cancer cells in blood CA-125
visual examination of the abdominal cavity; peritoneoscopy laparoscopy
test for the presence of a hormone receptor on breast cancer cells estrogenn receptor assay
removal and microscopic examination of bone marrow tissue bone marrow biopsy
aspiration of tissue for microspopic examination needle biopsy
blood test for the presence of an antigen related to prostate cancer PSA test
bllod test for cacinoembryonic antigen (marker for GI cancer) CEA test
cells are scraped off tissue and mocroscopically examined exfoliative cytology
What is the medical specialty that studies the characteristics and uses of radioactive substances in diagnosis of diseases nuclear medicine
which is an x-ray of a joint? arthrogram
What best characterizes a CT scan uses ionizing x-rays and a computer to produce a transverse image of the body organs
What is the meaning of adduction moving the part of the body toward the midline of the body
DICOM is protocol for transmission between imaging devices
Electrocauterization the process of heating tissue with electricity
small gland type sacs follicular
loss of differiention of cells and reversion to a more primative cell type anaplasia
radioactive drug administered for diagnostic purpose radiopharmaceutical
Physician who specializes in radiology radiologist
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