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Christian Worldviews

Study notes for the exam

Seventh-Day Adventist Worldview 7 S's Sanctuary, Second Coming, Sleep in Death, Spirit of Prophecy, Sabbath, Salvation, Scripture
Seventh-Day Adventist Worldview Under the great controversy that is an ongoing battle between good and evil.
Seventh-day Adventist Worldview We live in a fallen state
Postmodernism Modernism came before this period. Can be described as a generation, our parents were modern we are postmodern
Modernism knowledge is good. Technology and science is good. Humanity can solve problems through reason. Logic
Postmodernism No absolutes, play, anarchy, absurd view of life,chance, silence, process, analysis with participation, deconstruction/antithesis, absence dispersal, rhetoric/presentation, surface, antinarrative irony, immanence
Postmodernism Blurs morals, materialism, priorities out of order
Sanctuary Christ interceding. Personal relationship. The idea of a holy and most holy place. There was an earthly sanctuary modeled after heavenly one. in 1844 God past into most holy place.
Sabbath Keeping Seventh day is the Sabbath, made for man not man for the Sabbath. Fellowship with Christ.
Second Coming Christ will return to take the saved souls home History. Linear
Sleep in Death At death, you go to sleep. At the second coming, you awaken to go to heaven with God.
Spirit of Prophecy Ellen White. Divine inspiration is possible. Help to understand Christ's words in a deep personal way.
Scripture More powerful then the two edge sword. Sola Scriptura.
Deism Clockwinder. Left to whatever fate happens. Car maker, let the the car go down the road. No fallen state. Morals are built in and ethics revealed by the universe which is right.
Deism Predestination, history is linear course of the cosmos and determined at creation.
Naturalism God doesnt exist, in the box doesnt outside the box. Closed system
Naturalism Darwin father of worldview. cosmos exist as a uniformity of cause and effect
naturalism Death is the extinction of personality and individuality
Naturalism no overarching purpose
naturalism ethics is only related to human.
nihilism nihilism is more a feeling than a philosophy
existentialism atheistic existence precedes essence
existentialism what is subjective and objective (my experience vs. real matter) what do you perceive and what do you know?
extistentialism theistic I-thou and I-it relationships
eastern pantheistic monism atman=brahman history is cyclical
new age God within you
New age meditation, mantra
new age self discovering, better self. inward
new age drugs and state of cosmic consciousness. what you are, inward
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