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These are for World History, not AP World History

Militant combative or to fight
Armada Spanish fleet of warships
Inflation rising prices because of short supply
Witchcraft not on the test
Divine right right to rule given by God
Commonwealth place founded for the good of the ppl
Absolutism one ruler with all the power
Czar means Caesar and is the ruler of Russia
Boyar rich ppl in Russia
Mannerism kind of art movement with emotions after Renaissance
Baroque dramatic emotions
Natural rights rights we’re born with (to live
Huguenots French Protestants
Edict of Nantes Cath is official French Religion
Elizabeth Tutor went back to Protestant ideas after Bloody Mary
Puritans ENG Protestants. Very strict religious practices.
Cavaliers rich ppl in ENG. Support king.
Roundheads short hair in fighters in ENG. Support Parliament
Oliver Cromwell Took over ENG and killed Parliament.
Louis XIV aka. The Sun King in FR. Absolute monarch. Palace at Versailles
Cardinal Richelieu in charge or raising Louis
Ivan IV aka Ivan the Terrible. First czar of RUS. Killed opponents
Peter the Great Peter the Poser. Wanted RUS to be like ENG
El Greco aka. The Greek. Mannerism painter.
Shakespeare ENG. Worked in the Globe Theater under Elizabeth. Wrote sonnets.
Cervantes wrote Don Quixote
Locke loved people. Thought people were good.
Hobbes hated people. Thought people were evil.
Janissaries OTM soldiers. Elite. Converted CHR boys.
Pasha like a governor in OTM (Ottoman Empire)
Gunpowder empire success is due having guns
Sultan OTM leader of GOV and MIL
Harem sacred place of sultan
Grand Vizer head advisor to the sultan
Ulema religious advisors to the sultan
Shah king of Safavid (in Persia)
Orthodoxy traditional
Anarchy no laws
Zamindar local officials for Mogul
Suttee widow burning self with corpse of husband
Selim I spread the OTM empire
Ottoman Empire modern day Turkey (Anatolia Peninsula) (Asia Minor)
Safavid Persian Muslims
Shah Ismail founder of Safavid
Shah Abbas Shah when Safavids were at their height
Babur founder of the Mogul dynasty
Moguls India Muslims
Akbar spread Moguls over most of India
Aurangzeb killed brother and put dad in prison so he could be Shah
Queue hairstyle shaved on sides ponytail on top
Banners CHN military units
Commercial Capitalism private business for personal profit
Clan group
Porcelain ceramic from clay in CHN
Daimyo rich families in JPN
Han separate areas ruled by Daimyos
Hostage system leaders were held hostage in Edo (Tokyo)
Ming CHN dynasty 1300-1600. After Mongolians.
Zheng He CHN Columbus
Manchu people from N. CHN
Quing CHN Dynasty. Last dynasty.
Nobunaga Took over Kyoto. First strong of leader of JPN.
Hideyoshi Took capitol to Osaka
Iyeasu Took capitol to Edo (Tokyo)
Basho JPN poet. Wrote haikus.
which dynasty overthrew the mongols in china? ming-yvan(mongol dynasty)
name one way that dynasty helped china. national schools worked on great wall, factionel
what was the name of the new capitol of ming? beijing
who was the famous explorer for china? he is known as the chinese colombus. zhengtle- explored india and africa
which european country came and offended the chinese? portuguese- converted to christans
what is one reason the ming dynasty fell? weak rulers, high taxes, peasants revolt
how did the last ming emporer die? he hung himself
which dynasty took over after the ming? what were their people called? qing- manchv(from korea)
how did kangxi treat the christans in china? tolerant
what was the name of the rebellion that weekend the qing? white lotus rebellion
how would you describe china's interaction with other countries through trade? isloated
name one reason china's population grew peace and food
name two reasons china didnt become commercial capa;ti;ist country like europe trade unit as import, farming and war
chinese socitey is organized around the family
name two ways womwn were treated poorly in china foot binding, cant divorce husband
what was the name of the chinese city within a city where only nobles could go? imperial city
who are the three men that worked to unify japan? uba nobunaga, toyotomi hideyoshi, tokugana ieyasu
what was tokyo known as before it was tokyo edo
why did the japanese ban the portugese form japan? burn shrines
why did the peasants revolt in japan? high taxes
who was the maost famous haiku writer? basho
what is the differnce between kabuki theater and noh theater kabuki- wild dancing, screaming noh- small movements very calm
why was korea called "the hermit kingdom"? very isloted
which two groups fought in the french wars of religon? catholics and protastents
who was the leader of the huegonots? john calvin
why did philip iv become catholic was a prot,but he wouldnt be accepted, so he lies. every gets to choose
-the king of spain went to war with- form england.- lost because most of their ships wrecked. philip2 elizabeth spain
elizabeth 1 was what religon? how was she related to bloody mary? protastant, half sister same dad
name three characteristics of women who were acused of wich craft old,single,poor- no husband to prootect them
which croutries were involved in the 30 years war? everybody except eng, protestants vs catholic
why was the end of the 30 years was the end of the holy roman empire? every part of europe could choose religion way automatic catholic
which two groups fought in the english civil war? who won? why did they win? round heads parliment cavilers supported roundheads
how did the gloroius revolution bring an end todivine right right to rule by god
why was louis xiv called the sun king? he was the source of light for all his people in france
where was louis xiv palace? describe it it was a big palace made of all gold rooms
who bulit the persian empire? what modren country would purrisa be in today? fredrick willam the great elector, germany
who was the first czar of russia? ivan iv
how lopng did the romanov dynasty last in russia? 1637-1917- about three hundred years
how did peter the great make russia more powerful? big military
what are the three cultrual changes in russia trhanks to peter the great? ballet, no beards, wetern eurpean manners
why did peter the great move the capitol to st. petersburg? to be closer to france and england
wher did the ottman empire start? antaolian peninsula
what country is there today? turkey
who was their founder? osman
what is the name for the leader of the ottmans/ sultan
how did the janissanires begin? christan slaves
what did they end up being? converted to islam
which empire lost constantinople to the ottoman and what did they rename it? constaonoplile to byzantine
why was the ottoman empire called the gunpowder empire? get power goo with guns
how did the ottomans treat non muslims they took over? tolerant
who was the leader of the ottomansat their height? suleyman
what happend to the empire after he died? lost territory
where did the safavid empire start?what countries are there today? who was their founder? persia, iran, shah ismail
the safavids were-muslims while the ottomans were - shiah, sunni
what do shia muslims believe? the caliph related to muhammad
what did the safavids call their leaders? shah
who was the leader of the safavids at their height? what happend to the empire after he died? abbas, big decline
who did the safavids fight with ottomans
where did the safavids empire start? what countries are there today? who was there founder? from whom did his mom and dad desend? indus river, india, babur, genghiskhan, timur lenk
who was akbar? how did he treat the peasents? what was special about his wife? babrus grandson, good, hindu
how did aurangzeb get power? how did he try to change the mogul culture? killed brother, against hindu, very strict
which two europeans countries fought for tradinfg rights in india? who maintaind control? england france, england
the moguls faced problems in india because their religon- when most indians were- muslim, hindu
who built the taj mahal? why did he build it? shah jahan, memory of his wife mumtaz nahal
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