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AHP/Lesson 12

AHP/Lesson 12/Homophones

mucus (noun) slime of mucuous membranes
mucous (adj) relating to mucus
metastasis transfer of disease from one organ or part to another
metastases plural of metastasis
metastisize to form disease by process of mestatasis
metaphysis wide part of long bone
injecton force liquid into a part
infection invasion of microorganisms in body
hypotension low blood pressure
hypertension high blood pressure
gastrotomy incision into the stomach
gastroscopy inspection of stomach interior with scope
gastrostomy surgical creation of artificial opening into the stomach
aphagia loss of ability to swallow
aphasia loss of power of speech
adduction to draw toward the median plane
abduction to draw away from the median plane
advice (noun) opinion, suggestion
advise to inform
peri around
para beside, near
per through
dysphagia difficulty swallowing
dysphasia impairment of speech
dysplasia abnormality of adult
diaphysis enlongated portion of a long bone
diathesis unusually susceptible to disease
my/o muscle
myel/o bone marrow, spinal cord
mild gentle, not harsh
physc/o mind
cyt/o cell
in/; &, N, in into, not
en/; &, N, in within
endo/; into, in to, and O within
cyt/o; site, site of, cite, sight cell
anti/; ante/, he against, opposed
ante/; anti/, he before
ad/ toward, near
ab/ away from
super/, supra above, superior to
affect (verb) to influence, change; (noun) external expression of emotion
effect (noun) result produced by an action
afebrile without fever
a febrile with fever
eu/; you normal, even, good
pseudo/; sue though false
semi/; send me half
/phoria; for you bear
/ior relating to
/y or process of
/syn, /sym; sin, send together with
auto/; ought to self