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Forensic medicine

What does Postmortem Interval mean? Time of death
What are the two phases of signs of death Early and Late
What is Algor Mortis cooling of the body
What is Livor Mortis discoloration of the body
What is Rigor Mortis Stiffening of the body
Algor Mortis The body ususally maintains it's original temperature for approximately one degree per hour
Livor Mortis occures when the heart stops beating and blood stops circulating and stagnates
What is Postmortem Lividity when the blood cell settle by gravity into the dependent areas of the body (areas closest to the pull of gravitiy) Visible
Contusion A black and blue injury
Rigor Mortis progressiv stiffening fo the muscles in the body caused by chemical change
When does Rigor Mortis begin and disappear Rigor Mortis starts appproximately 20 minutes after death and spreads over the next 6 to 12 hours. Rigor Mortis starts to disappear over the next 12 to 24
Cadaveric Spasm muscles contract forcibly at the moment of death
Autolysis muscles relaxing
Marbling Greenish discoloration to skin and veins are visible
Mummification A black leathery appearance
Adipocere Fat changing into a waxy material resembling soap
Wet Floaters Bodies found in water
Dry floaters Bodies found on land
Macerated Decomposition in a fetus that has died before birth in the sterile environment of its mother's uterus
Forensic Entomologist Insect specialist
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