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MT Ch 6 Quiz

MT Quick and Easy Ch 6 Quiz to page 145

hematopoiesis production of blood cells
musculoskeletal pertaining to the muscles and the skeleton
Orthopedics branch of medicine involved in the prevention and correction of deformities or diseases of the musculoskeletal system
Orthopedist specialist in disorders of the bones and associated structures
Rachialgia painful spine
Intervertebral between two adjoining vertebrae
cerebrospinal fluid clear colorless liquid that circulates throughout the brain and spinal cord
costal pertaining to the rib
Intercostal between the ribs
subcostal below the ribs
sternocostal pertaining to the sternum and ribs
vertebrocostal pertains to a rib and a vertebra
pelvic pertaining to the pelvis
humeroulnar pertaining to the humerus and the ulna
carpectomy excision (removal) of one or more bones of the wrist
tibialgia pain of lower front leg, shin splints
osteoid resembling bone
decalcification loss of calcium from bone or teeth
Myelitis inflammation of spinal cord or bone marrow
Myelofibrosis replacement of bone marrow by fibrous tissue
osteomyelitis inflammation of the bone
chondral pertaining to the cartilage
subchondral beneath the cartilage
Articulation Term that is another name for joint
Polyarthritis Inflammation of more than one joint
Extension The movement that brings a limb into a straight position
Scapula The medical term for shoulder blade
Substernal Below the breastbone
Compound fracture The term for a broken bone that is visible through an opening in the skin
Chondrosarcoma A malignant tumor composed of cartilage
Metatarsals Bones that are located between the toes and the bones of the ankle
Spondylmalacia Softening of the vertebrae
Created by: MrsSlagter