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Clin Lab Proced.08

Homework Packet #8

_______________ is the mineral involved in the hemostasis pathway. Ionized Calcium
The vitamin K dependent coagulation factors are manufactured in the _______________. Liver
_______________ is a serious intravascular clotting condition that can occur after certain bacterial infections. DIC - Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation
Platelets undergo a shape change when they come into contact with exposed tissue _______________. Collagen
Thrombus is another name for a _______________. Blood clot (Clot)
_______________ is the process that occurs when platelets stick to a damaged vessel. Adhesion
The action of blood vessels constricting to slow the flow of blood is called ________________. Vasoconstriction
When platelets adhere to the vessel wall, they are activated and begin to _______________. Aggregate
The hemophilias are inherited as __________ genes on the __________ chromosome. Sex-linked/X
Hemophilia B is also called _________________. Christmas Disease
Hemophilia B is caused by a functional deficiency of _______________. Coagulation Factor IX
A test for quantitative and qualitative abnormalities of platelets is the _______________. Bleeding time
In the Ivy bleeding time test, the blood pressure cuff is inflated to a pressure of _______________. 40 mmhg
In the bleeding time test, the two functions measured are small vessel function and ________________ function. Platelet
The ________________ is the puncture site for the Ivy bleeding time test. Forearm
The prothrombin time is used to follow _______________ therapy. Coumadin or (Oral anticoagulants)
_______________ is the anticoagulant used to collect blood for a prothrombin time test. Sodium Citrate
The reagent used in the prothrombin test is _______________. Thromboplastin
What are the three ways in which prothrombin time can be reported? 1. In seconds 2. PR - Prothrombin Ration or 3. INR - International Normalized Ratio
A patient's Coumadin is usually adjusted to keep the prothrombin time at _______________ times normal. 1.3 - 1.5
Coumadin is an anticoagulant derived from ____________________. Coumarin or (Warfarin)
The activated partial thromboplastin time is used to monitor patients who are on _______________ therapy. Heparin
The APTT is used to screen for abnormalities in the _______________ pathway and the common pathway. Intrinsic
Partial thromboplastin is the ________________ portion of tissue thromboplastin. Lipid
The calcium necessary for clot formation in the APTT is supplied by the chemical compound ________________. CaCl2 (Calcium Chloride)
_______________ is the anticoagulant used to collect the sample for the APTT test. Sodium Citrate
Specimens for the Dade D-dimer test must be collected in the anticoagulant _________________. Sodium Citrate
In the latex tests, any D-dimer present in the patient sample reacts with a highly specific monoclonal _______________. Antibody
A serious condition in which widespread thromboses and secondary hemorrhage occurs is called ________________. DIC - Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation
The ACT is the _______________. Activated Clotting Time
The HMT is a new version of the _______________. ACT
The HMT is especially valuable for monitoring patients who are receiving moderate to high doses of ________________. Heparin
ADHESION The act of two parts or surfaces sticking together.
AGGREGATION The collecting of separate objects into one mass.
COAGULATION FACTORS A group of plasma proteins (and mineral calcium) involved in blood clotting.
COLLAGEN A protein connective tissue found in skin, bone, ligaments, and cartilage.
FIBRIN DEGRADATION PRODUCTS Degradation products formed when plasmin cleaves fibrin or fibrinogen.
FIBRINOLYSIS Enzymatic breakdown of a blood clot.
HEMOSTASIS The process of stopping bleeding, which includes clot formation and dissolution.
VASOCONSTRICTION The narrowing of the diameter of a blood vessel.
HEMOPHILIA A bleeding disorder resulting from a hereditary coagulation factor deficiency or dysfunction.
PETECHIAE Small, purplish hemorrhagic spots on the skin.
DYSFUNCTION Impaired or abnormal function.
COUMADIN An anticoagulant derived from coumarin that is administered orally to prevent slow clotting.
INR - International Normalized Ratio A way of reporting a prothrombin time that takes into consideration the sensitivity of the thromboplastin used and the mean of the normal prothrombin time in the facility's population.
PROTHROMBIN TIME A coagulation screening test used to monitor oral anticoagulant therapy.
VITAMIN K A vitamin essential for production of coagulation factors II, VII, IX, and X.
ANGIOPLASTY Surgical repair of a vessel.
D-dimer One of the products formed from the breakdown of fibrin by plasmin.
XDP - CROSS-LINKED FIBRIN DEGRADATION PRODUCTS Fibrin-degradation products that contain the D-dimer cross-linked region.
Created by: luparl