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Chapter 2 Facts

Jesus Christ: God's Revelation the World

What is Inspiration? The gift of the Holy Spirit by which a human author was able to write a biblical book which really has God as the author and which teaches faithfully and without error the saving truth that God willed be consigned to us for our salvation
Who wrote Sacred Scripture? written fully by God and fully by man
What is Literary Genre? A type of writing that has a particular form, style or content.
What is exegesis? A process used by scholars to discover the meaning of the biblical text
What are Literary Forms? the kinds of writing in the Bible
What is Literal Sense? The meaning conveyed by the words of SS and discovered by exegesis
What is Spiritual Sense? Understanding SS not by the words themselves, but by the realities and events signified by them.
The Spiritual Senses can be broken down into 3 categories. Which are what? 1:The Anagogical Sense 2:The Moral Sense 3:Allegorical Sense
The Allegorical Sense: An allegory is a metaphor, or a comparison. Therefore, viewing SS in this sense means viewing all the realities and events in SS as comparisons to spiritual realities. What should we believe?
The Moral Sense: Viewing SS as a guide to living a good, moral life. How should we act?
The Anagogical Sense: Anagogy means “to lead.” Therefore, the Anagogical Sense views the events in SS as a guide, leading us to our ultimate goal: eternal union with God. Where are we going?
Who is Saint Jerome? Church Father that translated the Bible into Latin
What is a “Church Father?” a traditional title given to theologians of the first eight whose teaching made a lasting mark on the church
Protestant Translations of the Bible 1:King James Version 2:New Revised Standard Version 3:Revised English Bible 4:New International Version
Catholic Translations of the Bible 1:Douay—Rheims Version 2:New American Bible 3:New Jerusalem Bible
Translation used at Mass New American Bible
The types of Criticisms 1:Historical 2:Source 3:Form 4:Redaction
What is Historical Criticism? tries to determine the historical context of biblical text
What is Source Criticism? helps to discover where biblical author got their material
What is Form Criticism? involves studying small units of biblical text to attempt to determine how each book took shape during oral tradition before being written down
What is Redaction Criticism? how various editors put together their sources and arranged them the way they did
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