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Chapter 2 (Sham)

Need to know for Exams: Chapter 2

Parousia The second comming of the Christ where the Lord will judge the living and the dead.
INRI The initials which were placed above Jesus' head for crucifixion. Stand for I=Jesus N=Nazareth R=King I=of the Jews. latin abreviation for the "crime" that Christ commited.
Kiro symbol (P with X through it) This is a symbol of the first two letters Chi (X) and Rho (P) of the greek word for Christ.
Paschal Mystery The saving love of God most fully revealed in the life and especially the passion, death, resurrection and glorious ascension of his Son Jesus Christ.
Ascension Jesus stopped apearing to people on Earth and now sits at his father's right hand, interceding for us.
Alpha and Omega The first and last letter in the Greek alphabet symbolizeing the eternity of Christ, he is the beggining and the end.
What are the three main teachings of Jesus? -Call God Father -God is always present, as was Jesus -Love your enemies
What are the four types of miracles performed by Jesus? Healings, Exocisms, Nature Miracles, Raisings from the Dead.
What are the four evangelists? Matthew, Mark, Luke and John
What were the three stages of formation of the New Testement? 1)The Historical Jesus 2)Oral Tradtition (Kerygma, Didache, Lituragy) 3)New Testement Writtings
What happened in the first stage of the formation of the New Testement? 1) The Historical Jesus Jesus lived on the Earth in the traditional Jewish ways. He preached and performed miracles. He was crucified, died and was buried, he rose from the grave and apeared to teh disciples before acendig to heaven.
What happened in the second stage of the formation of the New Testement? 2) Oral Tradition: The disciples then went out into the world preaching the message and miracles of Jesus. It took 3 forms: Kerygma: Preached to unbelievers Didache: Teaching Lituragy: Participation in the work of God
What is the first step of the second stage (Oral Tradition) of the formation of the New Testement? Kerygma: Preaching to Unbelievers The collection and sharing of his miracle, parable and passion stories.These were shared with unbelievers. (These were later used to write the word)
What is the second step of the second stage (Oral Tradition) of the formation of the New Testement? Didache: (teaching) The Catachisis and lists of sayings (and teachings) of Jesus were assymballed.
What is the third step of the second stage (Oral Tradition) of the formation of the New Testement? Liturgy: (Participation in the work of God) The celebration of the Eucharist helped to shape the stories of Jesus' life. This preserved the words spoken at the last supper, and the Lord's prayer.
What happened in the third stage of the formation of the New Testement? The final stage was the actual writting of the four Gospels and other New Testement writtings. The Holy Spirit guided all of the writters of the New Testement. Oral tradition was now committed to writting and preserved.
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