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Moose Nationalism


Who led a revolt of more than 100,000 slaves to win independence in Haiti? Toussaint L'Ouverture
Who was the Prime Minister of Prussia and Chancellor of Germany? Otto von Bismarck
What Catholic priest led a revolt against Spain in Mexico? Miguel Hidalgo
Who led the Red Shirts to victory in Sicily? Guiseppe Garibaldi
Who is the King of Prussia, who took the title of Kaiser? Wilhelm I
Who was an expert in guerrilla warfare in Italy? Garibaldi
What Italian Prime Minister received troops from France to fight Austria? Camillo di Cavour
Who asked the Mexicans to fight for freedom? Hidalgo
Who successfully unified northern Italy? di Cavour
Who led revolts in Venezuela and Colombia? Simon Bolivar
What policy did Bismarck follow to unite Germany? militarism
What was the largest and strongest German state in 1800s? Prussia
What country led the German unification? Prussia
What was the Kingdom of Italy was set up in 1861? Constitutional monarchy
What group governed Spanish colonies in Latine America? peninsulares
What Latin American country was the first to revolt in the 1800s? Haiti
Who was the leader of the independence movement in Venezuela? Bolivar
What European country did Haiti win their independence from in 1804? France
Created by: camoose