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Religion 11-10-10

what are judges known for? being heros of their time and were mist powerful israelites before and monarchy
Deborah woman judge, prophet, smart, good military planning skills
Gideon Listened to God & had only 300 people in battle
Samson good warrior, violent, lifted spirits, sacrificed life to free israelites
Othoneil captured and killed king
Barak fought in battle with Deborah
Samuel anoints ____ before he dies Saul
Why did Samuel step down as leader? he anointed Saul
Saul as a king... lead like a judge, became too proud, great military leader
How does Saul die? kills himself so he wouldn't fall into the hands of the uncircumcised
Davids childhood Had a normal life as a shepard
David songs wrote the psalms
David played... harp
Why was David the greatest jewish king? faithful to God, fair leader, great military leader, built 1st temple, wrote psalms, admitted fault and asked for forgiveness
Michal Davids 1st wife, 2nd daughter to saul, marries another man when davids gone
Abigail david marries her while in hiding
Bathshebad wife of Uriah who David gets pregnant
Uriah Bathshebas husband that David has killed
Jacob leader of Davids army who put Uriah to front line
Abner leader of Sauls army
Jonathan Sauls son who befriended David
Nathan Prophet who warned David that God would punish him
Amnon Rapes Tamara
Absolom kills Amnon
Tamara took life out of shame for being raped
Solomon as a king great military leader, rebuilt temple. built great palace, provided jobs b/c of construction
Solomon women B/c of love he strays away from god and worships false Gods so God punished him by not having his children rule the land
Solomon wrote ___ proverbs 150+
Solomon wrote Song of Songs most famous love story in bible
Solomons great sin strays away from God and worships false Gods because of his love for foreign women
What made Joshua special? Led the people into the Promised Land
Why did Moses choose him? He was faithful to God
Joshua most famous battle The Siege at Jericho
What's book of Joshua about? Gods fidelity in giving to the Israelites the land he had promised them
Created by: Ljg1237
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