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Greek Mythology

Greek mythology test

Goddess of Wisdom and war Athena
God of the sky and king of the gods Zeus
God of blacksmiths Hephaestus
Goddess of the hunt Artemis
Goddess of the hearth Hestia
God of music, and the sun Apollo
Goddess of love Aphrodite
God of War Ares
God of the Sea Poseidon
God of the Underworld Hades
Goddess of Agriculture Demeter
Messenger god Hermes
God of wine and parties Dionysus
Goddess of marriage Hera
Mother of Zeus Rhea
Titan god of time Cronus
Titan god of the sea Oceanus
Half-god son of Zeus, did the twelve labors Herakles
Titan goddess of the earth Gaia
Titan god of heaven Ouranos
Son of Gaia and Tartarus, the father of all monsters Typhon
The mother of all monsters Echidna
Home of the gods Mount Olympus
Giant dog that guarded the Underworld Cerberus
Titan sun god Helios
Titan god of forethought,created mankind Prometheus
"War of the Titans" Titanomachy
Titan god of afterthought,created beasts Epimetheus
Lord of light and titan of the east Hyperion
Time period in which the Titans ruled the world Golden Age
Titan of mortal life Iapetus
Titan goddess of memory Mnemosyne
Muse of Epic Poetry Calliope
Muse of History Clio
Muse of Love Poetry Erato
Muse of Music Euterpe
Muse of Tragedy Melpomene
Muse of Hymns Polyhymnia
Muse of Dance Terpsichore
Muse of Comedy Thalia
Muse of Astronomy Urania
Mother of the chief rivers of the world known to Greeks Tethys
Mother of Helios, Selene, and Eos Theia
Hero of the Trojan War Achilles
Hero of the Odyssey Odysseus
Story of Odysseus' journey home from Troy The Odyssey
Story of the journey to Troy The Illiad
Hero who led the Argonauts Jason
Hero who defeated the Minotaur Theseus
Man who went into the Underworld to retrieve Persephone Orpheus
King of Thebes Oedipus
Titan who holds up the sky Atlas
What were Jason and the Argonauts seeking? Golden Fleece
Female heroine/argonaut Atalanta
Place where people go see an oracle. Delphi
Home of the Titans Mount Etna
Goddess of Witchcraft Hecate
God of Nature Pan
Goddess of youth Hebe
Created by: HeroofAthena