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suffixes 3


-prandial Meal
-praxia Action
-ptosis Droop; sag; prolapse; protrude
-rrhage, -rrhagia Bursting forth (of blood)
-salpinx Fallopian tube; oviduct
-sclerosis Hardening
-sis State of; condition
-sol Solution
-some Body
-somnia Sleep
-spadia To tear; cut
-spasm Sudden contraction of muscles
-sphyxia Pulse
-stalsis Contraction
-stasis To stop; control; place
-static Pertaining to stopping; controlling
-sthenia Strength
-stitial Pertaining to standing or postioned, to set
-stomia Condition of the mouth
-suppression To stop
-tension Pressure
-therapy Treatment
-thorax Chest; pleural cavity
-thymia Mind (condition of)
-thymic Pertaining to mind
-tic Pertaining to
-tocia Labor; birth (condition of)
-tocin Labor; birth ( a substance for)
-tresia Opening
-genesis Beginning or producing
-tropia To turn
-tropic Turning
-tropin Stimulate
-type Classification; picture
-ule Little; small
-um Structure; tissue; thing
-uria Urination; condition of urine
-us Structure; thing
-verse To turn
-version To turn
-y condition; process
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