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suffixes 2


-kinesia Movement
-kinesis Movement
-lapse To slide, fall, sag
-lemma Sheath, covering
-leptic To seize, take hold of
-lexia Word; phrase
-listhesis Slipping
-lithiasis Condition of stones
-lithotomy Incision (for removal) of a stone
-lucent To shine
-lysis Breakdown; separation; destruction; loosening
-lytic To reduce, destroy; separate; breakdown
-megaly Enlargement
-mimetic Mimic; copy
-mission To send
-mortem Death
-motor Movement
-one Hormone
-opaque Obscure
-opsia Vision condition
-opia Vision condition
-opsy View of
-or One who
-orexia Appetite
-ose Full of; pertaining to; sugar
-osis Condition, usually abnormal
-osmia Smell
-ostosis Condition of bone
-otia Ear condition
-ous Pertaining to
-oxia Oxygen
-para To bear, bring forth (live births)
-parous To bear, bring forth
-paresis Weakness
-pareunia Sexual intercourse
-partum Birth labor
-pathy Disease; emotion
-pepsia Digestion
-pexy Fixation; to put in place
-phage Eat; swallow
-phagia Eating or swallowing
-phasia Speech
-pheresis Removal
-phil Attraction for
-philia Attraction for
-phonia Voice, sound
-phor/o to bear
-phoresis Carrying; transmission
-phoria To bear, carry; feeling (mental state)
-phthisis Wasting away
-phyte Plant
-plakia Plaque
-plasia Development; formation; growth
-plasm Formation; structure
-plastic Pertaining to formation
-plegia Paralysis; palsy
-plegic Paralysis; palsy
-poiesis Formation
-poietin Substance that forms
-porosis Condition of pores (spaces)
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