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Africa Unit Exam

Review of Key Terms for Africa Geography Unit

Longest record of human activity Olduvai Gorge
Ancient kingdom of eastern Africa Aksum
Movement of people that linked Africa with a common language & culture Bantu Migration
Exploited central Africa for his own personal gain King Leopold II
Meeting of European countries to split up Africa Berlin Conference
System that separated blacks and whites in South Africa Apartheid
1st president of a 'Free' South Africa Nelson Mandela
Last president of an 'Apartheid' South Africa FW deKlerk
Auto-Immune disease with no known cure HIV/AIDS
Intestinal disease caused by unsanitary drinking water Cholera
Blood disease spread by insects Malaria
Lung disease Tuberculosis
Religious group responsible the most killing in Darfur, Sudan Muslims - Islam
Rwanda's version of KKK Interahamwe
What 2 ethnic groups live in Rwanda Hutu, Tutsi
Combatants in the Boer War British, Dutch
Country known as the 'Gift of the Nile' Egypt
Group that fought Apartheid in South Africa African National Congress
3 types of slavery Chattel, Pawnship, Clientage
Who protected 1680 Hutus and Tutsis at 'Hotel Rwanda' Paul Rusasesabagina
Where in the Sudan are the Christians located in? Southern - Western
Created to control the Nile River Aswan High Dam
Where do the Masai live? Great Rift Valley; Kenya & Tanzania
Cause of Central Africa's poor education system Lack of teachers
One of the world's major oil producers Libya (49%)
What country escaped from the Berlin Conference Ethiopia
What group did the Muslim government hire to wipe out Darfur? Janjaweed
What part of Africa suffers from massive oil spills Niger River Delta
What country is most well-off in Africa? South Africa; Egypt a close 2nd
Why was Great Zimbabwe important? Gold
What is desertification? Loss of arable land
What part of Africa is suffering from Desertification? Sahel
What type of slavery used children, usually girls, as collateral Pawnship
What type of slavery were slaves owned like livestock? Chattel or Plantation
What type of slavery did slaves owe a part of the labor or crop to a landlord? Clientage
Created by: aaronmay