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Clin Lab Proced.05

Homework Packet #5

Elevation of _______________ levels will stimulate the release of the hormone insulin to achieve homeostasis. Glucose
An _______________ is the form of an atom with a negative electrical charge. Anion
A chemical substance that is the subject of chemical analysis is an _______________. Analyte
The high density lipoprotein fraction of blood _______________ is also called HDL. Cholesterol
A deficiency in the function of the thyroid gland is called _______________. Hypothyroidism
_______________ is an enzyme often measured as an aid in diagnosing a myocardial infarction. Creatine Kinase (CK)
The electrolytes are a group of cations and anions important in maintaining __________ and _______________. Fluid/Acid-base balance
The enzyme present in cardiac, muscle, and liver tissue, AST, is measured to assess the function of the _______________. Liver
Hemolysis of red blood cells, which can be caused by over centrifugation or excess shaking of the blood sample, releases _______________ into the plasma or serum. Potassium
Something that has a daily cycle is said to be _______________. Diurnal
The liquid portion of blood in which blood cells are suspended in the body is called __________; but is referred to as __________ if the blood is allowed to clot. Plasma/Serum
_______________ fluid is the viscous fluid secreted by membranes lining the joints for lubrication. Synovial
A lipemic sample has a __________ appearance due to the presence of excess __________ in the blood. Cloudy/Lipids
Concentration of some constituents in blood can occur due to _______________ and should remain capped until they are tested. Evaporation
The fluid surrounding the spinal cord and bathing the ventricles of the brain is called ____________________. Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF)
An ion specific electrode is one manufactured to respond to the concentration of a _______________. Specific Ion
The _______________ is a logarithmic expression of the amount of light absorbed by a substance containing colored molecules. Absorbance
The time elapsed between the physician's ordering a test and receiving the results is called the _______________. Turn-around Time (TAT)
The _______________ is a device that isolates a narrow portion of the light spectrum, and is used in spectrophotometers. Monochromator
The _______________ that passes through a solution is its transmittance [%T]. Percent of light
A______measures light of a specific wavelength reflected by a colored product, while a_____is the term that refers 2 any instrument that measures light intensity. These instruments use a mathematical relationship called _____. Reflectance photometer/Photometer/Bears Law
The pancreatic hormone ___________ increases blood concentration levels by promoting the conversion of __________ to glucose. Glucagon/Glycogen
The disorder of _______________ characterized by a state of hyperglycemia due to insulin deficiency is diabetes mellitus. Carbohydrate metabolism
_______________is hemoglobin that has glucose bound to the beta globin chains. Hemoglobin A1C (HbA1C)
Something originating from outside the body is _______________, as is seen in animal fats and egg yolks which are examples of cholesterol from outside of the body. Exogenous
_______________ is the low-density lipoprotein fraction of blood cholesterol. LDL Cholesterol
HDL transports cholesterol from the tissues to the _______________ to be broken down. Liver
_______________ is important to the body and serves as a precursor to bile salts and steroid hormones. Cholesterol
_______________ cholesterol can be synthesized in the body by the liver. Endogenous
The abnormal condition in which blood pH falls below 7.35 is _______________. Acidosis
________________ are the ions in the body. Electrolytes
_______________ is important in maintaining the muscular activity of the heart and is the major intracellular cation in the body. Potassium
_______________ is the cation that influences osmotic concentration and determines the extracellular fluid volume. Sodium
CO2 in the body is measure as the _______________ ion or _______________. Bicarbonate/HCO3
_______________ is the abnormal condition in which blood pH rises above 7.45. Alkalosis
ALBUMIN The most abundant protein in normal plasma.
CREATININE Breakdown product of Creatine that is normally excreted in the urine.
HOMEOSTASIS Tendency toward a steady state or equilibrium of body processes.
THYROID STIMULATING HORMONE (TSH) Hormone synthesized by the anterior pituitary gland that regulates the activity of the thyroid gland; thyrotropin.
TRIGLYCERIDES Major storage form of lipids.
ABSORBANCE Logarithmic expression of the amount of light absorbed by a substance containing colored molecules.
REFLECTANCE PHOTOMETER An instrument that measures the light reflected from a colored reaction product.
SOLID PHASE CHEMISTRY Analytical method in which the sample is added to a strip or slide containing, in dried form, all the reagents for the procedure.
SPECTROPHOTOMETER An instrument that measures intensities of light in different parts of the light spectrum.
CHROMOGEN Substance that becomes colored when it undergoes a chemical change.
GLYCOLYSIS Energy production as a result of metabolic breakdown of glucose.
HEMOGLOBIN A1C (HbA1C) Hemoglobin modified by the binding of glucose to the beta globin chains.
PEROXIDOSE Enzyme that converts hydrogen peroxide to water and oxygen.
ENDOGENOUS Something that is produced within or is growing within.
EXOGENOUS Something that originates from the outside.
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