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Classical Brigade

Executive Chef Responsible for all kitchen operations; Setting the tone of the kitchen
Chef de Cuisine Same duties as executive chef in a smaller operation, usually free standing restaurant in large corporation like Marriott
Chef In charge of kitchen in general term
Working Chef In charge of a kitchen & also works a station
Sous Chef Second Chef; Replaces executive chef in his/her absence; Fills in at station as needed; Expeditor of all food products
Chef De Partie Station chef; Prepares menu items
Saucier Saute station; Prepares sauteed items & makes most sauces; Prepares all mother sauces for each station
Poissionier Fish station; Prepare all fish and seafood items & acompanying sauces
Entremeitier Heads vegetable & soup station; Prepares vegetable; Oversees stock & soup production
Potager Stock & soup station; Prepares all stocks & soups for stations
Legumier Vegetable station; Prepares single vegetable dishes; Specializes in dried bean & peas; May also prepare egg dishes
Rotisseur Prepares roasted items & their sauces & jus; Oversees both grillardin & friturier
Grillardin Grill station; Prepares all grill items
Friturier Fry station; Prepares all fried food items
Garde Manger Guardian of the food and cold food station; Responsible for all cold food preparation; Oversees the hors d' oveurier & butcher shop
Hors D' Oveurier Cold food; Prepares cold food & garnishes
Boucher Butcher station; Responsible for butchering of meat, fowl, and fish; May also do breading of products; Makes sausages
Tournant Rounds cook; Has common knowledge of all stations; Work where needed; Most valuable chef de partie in kitchen
Communard Staff cook; Cooks for employees, usually a small buffet
Commis Assistant; Assists station chefs to learn station & responsibilites; Apprentice
Patissier Executive pastry chef; Responsible for production of baked items, pastries, & desserts; Oversees all specialty dessert items & staff
Decorateur Specialty cake & showpieces; Specializing in showpieces & elaborate cakes & desserts
Glacier Frozen desserts; Specializing in frozen desserts
Confiseur Specializes in candies; Specializes in petite desserts & candies; Pulled sugar
Bolanger Bread baker; Specializes in bread products
Apprentis/Demi Chef Assistants Back waiters, bus boys, & kitchen helpers
Short order cook Cooks food to order in small operation
Casserolier Pot washer
Plounger Dish washer
Created by: r.burns