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ancient china WC1

ancient china and india

What is Hinduism? The belief that all the universe is part of the unchanging, all powerful spiritual force call brahman
What are the most important Hindu gods? Brahman, Vishnu, and Shiva
The Hindu teachings were recorded in... The Vedas and the Upanishad
The essential self is... Atman
The goal of existence is to achieve... Moksha
Hindus believe in... Reincarnation
_refers to all the actions of a person's life that affect his or her fate in the next life Karma
Religious and moral duties of an individual Dharma.
Nonviolence Ahmisa
Who founded Jainsim Mahavira
A new religion that grew our of Hindu traditions is.. Jainism
Who founded Buddhism Siddhartha Gautama
Four Noble truths 1. All life is full of pain, suffering, and sorrow. 2. Cause of suffering is from desire 3. To end suffering you must overcome desire 4. To overcome desire you must follow the eight fold path
Eightfold Path Aspiration, contemplation, concept, effort, livelihood, mindfulness, speech, views
Union with the universe and the release from the cycle of rebirth is... Nirvana
Middle Path Eightfold Path
Followers collected Buddha's teachings in the... Tripitaka
Smaller groups are Sects
Differing or opposing ideas Dissent
The most honored Mauryan emperor and was Chandraguptas grandson was... Aoka
Who converted to Buddhism, rejected violence, and resolved to rule by moral example Asoka
People sent on religious mission to spread Buddhism throughout Asia were the... Missionaries
Under whos rule was the power was left in the hands of individual villages and of city government elected by merchants and artisans Gupta's rule
Trade and farming flourished across the _ empire Gupta
Period of great cultural achievements Golden age
numbers based on 10 Decimal system
Hindu and Buddhists taught math, medicine, physics, languages, and literature
Large dome shaped shrines that housed the sacred remains of the Buddha or other holy people Stupas
wall painting murals
What are the 5 constant relationships 1. Friend to friend 2. older brother to younger brother 3. husband to wife 4. Father to son 5. Ruler to subject
2 main elements of confucianism Duty and humanity
Hindus believe in... Brahman
Lowest-ranked outcastes Untouchables
ideal family was a _ in which the parents, children, grandchildren, uncles, and their offspring share a common dwelling joint family
payment to the bridegroom dowry
system of ideas philosophy
respect for parents filial piety
complete control of a product or business by one person or group monopoly
increasing the amount of territory under the Chinese rule expansionism
local military rulers warlords
doctor inserting needles under the skin at specific points to relieve pain or treat various illnesses acupucture
Lessons for a Woman was written by Ban Zhao
Process for paper Cai Lun
Started the Maurya Chandragupta Maurya
Son of Chandragupta M. Bindasaura
Started the Gupta empire Chandragupta 2
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