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Early China Dyn.

AMS Early Chinese Dynasty Chart

XIA Dynasty founded by Yu the Great around 2200 BC
XIA Dynasty dug channels to drain water to the ocean
SHANG Dynasty established by 1500s
SHANG Dynasty strongest dynasty in Huang He Valley
SHANG Dynasty king center of political and religious life. Nobles were advisors and helped him rule.
SHANG Dynasty first writing system, used 2000 symbols
SHANG Dynasty made beautiful bronze containers for cooking and religious ceremonies.
SHANG Dynasty developed a calendar based on the cycles of the moon
ZHOU Dynasty 1100 BC, lasted longer than any other dynasty in Chinese history.
ZHOU Dynasty kings claimed to posses the mandate of heaven. No one ruled without heaven's permission.
ZHOU Dynasty King granted land to Nobles. Peasants farmed some of the nobles' land.
ZHOU Dynasty Congucius, most influential teacher in Chinese history. Focused on morality.
ZHOU Dynasty Daoism, stressed living in harmony with the Dao, the guiding force of all reality.
ZHOU Dynasty Legalism, belief that people were bad by nature and needed to be controlled.
Qin Dynasty 221 BC, unified China. Believed in Legalist political beliefs
QIN Dynasty divided China into districts with governors, subdivided districts into counties. Helped enforce a tax system.
QIN Dynasty standardized the writing system and set up money system.
QIN Dynasty built roads, canals, irrigation system and Great Wall of China across the northern frontier.
HAN Dynasty portrait painting, poetry, paper,sundial, siesmograph, acupuncture.
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