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Hematic, lymphatic

Hematic, lymphatic System

Adenopathy Disease of a gland
Agranulocyte WBC without granules
Allergy Abnormal immune response
Anemia Symptom of various diseases
Antibody Defends against an antigen
Autoimmune disease Failure of the body to distinguish between "self" and "nonself"
Autologous transfusion Transfusion prepared from the resipient's own blood
Basophil cell taht releases histamines
Dyspnea Difficulty breathing
Edema Abnormal accumulation of fluids in the intercellular spaces of the body
Eosinophil Cell that destroys harmful invaders
Erythema redness of the skin
Erythrocytes Red blood cells
Erythropenia Decreased RBC's
Exacerbations Flare-ups
Granulocyte WBC containing granules
Hematocrit Percentage of RBC's in a whole blood sample
Hemoatology Study of blood cells
Hematoma Bruise
Hematopoiesis Devleopment and maturation of blood cells
Hemosiderosis Abnormal increase of iron in the blood
Heparin Prevents blood from clotting
Histamines Initiate the in flammatory process by increasing blood flow
Homologous transfusion Transfusion prepared from another individual's compatible blood
Hypotension Low blood pressure
Immumologist Specialist in the study of protection
Leukocytes White blood cells
Lymphocyte cell that produce antibodies
Lymphoma tumor of lymph tissue
Monocyte cell that digests and has a large nucleus
Morphology Study of shape
Myeloid resembling bonemarrow/spinal cord
Neutrophil most numerous circulating leukocyte
Phagocytosis condition of ingesting cells
Plasma liquid portion of blood
Remissions Latency
Reticulocyte immature RBC
Septicemia serious, lifethreatening bloodstream infection, blood poisoning
Spleen destroys old RBCs
Splenomegaly Enlargement of the spleen
Stem cell cell responsible for blood cell development
Thrombocyte platelet
Thrombocytopenia decrease of platelets
Thrombolysis destruction of a clot
Thymectomy excision/removal of the thymus gland
Thymus responsible for cellular immunity
Titer measures the amount of antibodies in blood
Tonsils masses of lymphatic tissue
Vertigo dizziness
Viscous Thick, sticky
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