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medical lang 2

Bartholin's adenditis inflammation of the Bartholin's gland's are bilateral gland that producw mucus lubrication for coitus
A + P repair anterior and posterior colporrhapy
Ca cervix or culture
GYN gynecology
TAH / BSO total abdonminal hysterectomy and bilateral oophorectomy
LMP Last menstrual period
Dx diagnosis
DC or D/C discontinue or discharge release frim the hospital
DOB date of birth
PAP IS FORMED TO DETECT cervical malignancy
PAP test or PAP smear a cervical cytology test
sperculum instrument for opening a body cavity to allow visual examination
antefexion forward postion the normal uterus should be
colposcope usually lighted instrument to viewing the vagina
culdoscope usually lighted instrument used to view the Douglas-cul-de -sac
gynecologist specialist in the study of the female reproductive system
breast biopsy (Bx) obtaining a tissue sample from a breast lump
biopsy(Bx) is a procedure commonly used to determine whether a tumor is maglinant or bengin
test/or testicul/o or orch/o or orchi/o or orchid/o testicule or testes
balan/o glans penis
andr/o testicule
transurethral incision of the prostate ( pertaining to through of uretha to make an incision of the prostate
trans urethal microwave thermotherapy pertaining to through the uretha to apply heat therapy from microwaves to the prostate
transurethal resection of the prostate pertaining to through the uretha to cut back the prostate
prostatic specific antigen blood test to detect a predisposition for prostate malignancy
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