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Medical Language 23

Medical Language2

antelexion forward position the normal uterus should be situated
cautery (cauterization) burning tissue to destroy cells
a + P repair anterior and posterior colporrahhy (vagina)
TAH/BSO total abdominal hysterectomy/bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy
TAH/BHO surgical removal of the uterus, both ovaries, and both oviducts
cryosurgery freezing tissue to destroy cells
Ca Cancer or calcium
Cx cervix or culture (grow)
bartholins adenitis Inflammation of the bartholins glands. They are bialateral glands that produce mucus lubrication for coitus
matoptosis prolaspe (drooping or sagging) of a breat
menarche (menarcheal) the beginning of the first menstruation cycle
oligomenorrhea scanty menstrual flow
vulvovaginal pertaining to the vulva and vagina
vesicovaginal fistula abnormal passageway between the urninary bladder and the vagina
menopause cessation (stop) of menstruation due to hormone (estrogen) insufficiency
Pap test a cervical cytology test
speculum an instrument for opeing a body cavity to allow visual examination
culdoscope usually lighted instrument used to view Douglas cul-de-sac
Douglas cul-de-sac the area located between the posterior wall of the uterus and the rectum aks the rectouterine pouch
culdoscopy process of viewing the Douglas cul-de-sac
aspriation means the creation of a suction to withdraw fluid
hysteroscopy process of viewing the uterus
colpalgia a condition of vaginal pain
gynecologist specialist in the study of the female reproductive system
gynopathic pertaining to disease of the female reproduction system
leukorrhea white discharge from the vagina
mastalgia a condition of breat pain
dilatation (dilation) + curettage (D&C) scraping of the endometrium
laparscopy process of using an usually lighted instrument to view the abdomen or pelvic
myomectomy surgical removal of a myoma from the uterus
hysterosalpingogram (HSG) a record of the uterus and fallopian tubes
sonohysterography process of recording the uterus by use of sound waves
colposcope usually lighted instrument to view the vagina
atresia means closure
hematosalphinx blood in a fallopian tube
hydrosalpinx fluid in the an oviduct
hysteratresia closure of the uterine cavity
mastitis inflamation of a breast
mymotritis inflammation of the muscle layer of the uterus
perimetritis inflammation of the oter layer of the uterus
pyosalpinx pus in a uterian tube
vulvovaginitis flammation of the vula and vagina
Created by: oldjohnhenry