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LTC-HS-I (kjb) #9

Body Systems Abbreviations (skeletal, musc., nerv., sensory, CV, lymphatic)

Ca (skeletal system) calcium
ortho (skeletal system) orthopedics
TMJ (skeletal system) temporomandibular joint
RA (skeletal system) rheumatoid arthritis
ROM (skeletal system) range of motion
CT (skeletal system) computed tomography
EMG (musclular system) electromyography
IM (musclular system) intramuscular
ACL (musclular system) antierior cruciate ligament
MRI (musclular system) magnetic resonance imaging
CNS (nervous system) central nervous system
EEG (nervous system) electroencephalogram
CSF (nervous system) cerebrospinal fluid
CVD (nervous system) cerebrovascular disease
CVA (nervous system) cerebrovascular accident (stroke)
MS (nervous system) multiple sclerosis
TIA (nervous system) transient ischemic attack (mini-stroke)
OD (sensory system) oculus dexter (right eye)
OS (nervous system) oculus sinister (left eye)
PERRLA (nervous system) pupils equal, round, reactive to light and accommodation
EENT (nervous system) eyes, ears, nose, & throat
ENT (nervous system) ears, noste, & throat
OM (nervous system) otitis media
CABG (Cardiovascular system) coronary artery bypass graft
CCU (Cardiovascular system) coronary care unit
ECG, EKG (Cardiovascular system) electrocardiogram
MI (Cardiovascular system) myocardial infarction (heart attack)
ECHO (Cardiovascular system) echocardiogram
ASHD (Cardiovascular system) arteriosclerotic heart disease
CHD (Cardiovascular system) coronary heart disease
CHF (Cardiovascular system) congestive heart failure
AIDS (Lymphatic System) acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
HD (Lymphatic System) Hodgkin's disease
HIV (Lymphatic System) human immunodeficiency virus
CMV (Lymphatic System) cytomegalovirus
HSV (Lymphatic System) herpes simplex virus
Created by: kbailey