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AP U3 Terms

Brock AP U3 Terms

Absolute Monarch one person has all the power from heredity
Agrarian having to do with farming
Atheist no belief in god
Capitalism private wealth goal to get more wealth
Cash crop grow stuff to sale
Circumnavigate travel all the way around
Colonization outside group rules people somewhere else
Commerce trading stuff/money for stuff/money
Commercial having to do with trading
Commonwealth area founded for the common good
Consequences something that happens in result of something
Continuity something that continues
Convent nun’s house
Currency something used for trade
Deists believe in higher power. passive role
Demography charting the way people are distributed in a place
Divine holy
Divine Right right to rule given by God
Dominant having power
Economy production distribution and consumption
Hedonism do it if it feels good
Hinder stop or slow something
Humanism “Human is the center and measure of all things.”
Institution group founded for specific purpose
Jurisdiction place where you control
Left-Wing liberals who want as much freedoms as possible and wants things to change
Mercantilism more money more power
Monarchy power from heredity
Monastic monks
Monk vow to serve the church and community
Monopoly one business controls the market
Monotheism belief in one god
Morality doing the right thing
Nun married to church and like a female monk
Papal having to do with the Pope (papa)
Parliament legislative government
Patriarch father or head of household
Pope head of Catholic Church
Revolution change in power
Right-Wing conservative
Salvation getting into heaven
Sanctioned within the rules
Satire making fun of something
Subsistence what you need to survive
Urbanization thing becoming city-like or moving to cities
Utopia perfect society
Vassals bound to the lord’s land and protected it
Venerate to have respect for
Vernacular local language that is informal
Age of Reason in Europe when people start to rationalize
Akbar the Great emperor in golden age of Mughal
Batavia, Indonesia Now Jakarta. Important spice trading port.
Calvin predestination and leader of Huguenots
Columbian Exchange stuff from old world to new world and vice versa
Counter Reformation Catholic reforms in response to Luther
Dutch East India Company stock company from Netherlands trading spices
Eastern Orthodox from Byzantine broke from Catholic Church
Edict of Nantes French people could choose to be Catholic or Protestant
Edict of Fountainbleu revoked Nantes
Elizabeth I Bloody Mary’s half-sister. returns to Cath. Elizabethan Age close to Renaissance.
Encomienda System Spanish colonies. Like American feudalism
English Bill of Rights natural rights
English Commonwealth Oliver Cromwell’s government
European Exploration not on the test
Floating Empires countries that control areas by boat
Goa, India On the coast. Converted to Christianity by the Portuguese.
Guttenberg’s Printing Press EUR. moveable type. more literacy
Hacienda System SPN estates like plantations in Southern US
Hapsburg Spain family that ruled.
Henry VIII divorced wife and left Catholic Church started the Anglican Church
Heliocentric sun is center
Holy Roman Empire in the west. GER FR ITL
Huguenots French Protestants
Indulgences donation to church gets you out of purgatory
Inquisition Catholic Church group that stop heretics
Janissaries Christian boys who convert and are the special forces for Islam in OTM
Jesuits Order of Jesus. Group of hardcore Catholic missionaries.
Law of Heavenly Bodies another name for Copernicus’ theory
Martin Luther 95 Thesis. Translated Bible to German. Started the reformation.
Louis XIV Sun King. France. Moved the capitol to Versailles.
Qing Dynasty Last dynasty of CHN. Lasts until 1912. Manchurian.
Peter the Great wanted to make RUS like W. EUR. Peter the Poser.
Phillip II fought with ENG (Elizabeth) in 30 Years War.
Potosi Silver mine in Bolivia. Most of silver came from there.
Protestant Reformation led by Luther. Made new church from Catholic.
Renaissance means rebirth. Starts in ITL. Goes back to antiquity.
Roman Catholic Church in Rome
Scientific Method founded by Bacon. Prove theories with re-testable results.
Scientific Revolution after Middle Ages. start thinking logically
Shogun military leaders in Japan
Single whip system (silver system) CHN only takes taxes in silver
Straits of Malacca off Malay Peninsula
Suleiman the Magnificent longest reigning sultan of OTM
30 Years War Spain v. England/Catholic v. Protestant
Bakufu System Feudalism in Japan
Treaty of Westphalia ended 30 Years War
The Vatican Pope lives here
Zheng He CHN Columbus
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