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Bible Exam 3


Who was one of Abraham and Sarah's Grandsons? Jacob,Joseph, Isaac or Assur Jacob
What specific act did Joseph perform that earned hime the role of second in command in Egypt? He correctly interpreted Phoroah's two dreams.
Name the kings of Israel in order up until the dividing of the Kingdom of Israel. Saul, David, Solomon, Rehoboam
Which two consequences did the Prophet Samuel warn would result if Israel was given a King? Heavy Taxes and forced labor
In the yer 722 BC Shalmanessser, the king of Assyria, invaded what nation and exiled its inhabitants? The northern kingdom of Israel
Which king allowed formerly exiled Jews the opportunity to return to Palestine to rebuild the nation of Israel in 539? Cyrus the Great of Persia
In what year did King Nebuchadnezzer of Bablon invade the southern kingdom of Judah and exile it inhabitants? 586
Name the five ancient world empires of the Bible order from oldest to most recent. Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome
Which Old Testament Judge was a Nazaright and the secret to his strength was in his long hair? Sampson
What does Hellenization mean? to push Greek culture on your subjects
Which world leader outlawed Judaism and enforc ed the proactice of paganism on the Jews? Antiochus IV
A jewish revolt ensued a s a result of the outlawing of Judaism and enforcing of the practice of paganism mentioned in the above question that ushered in a 100 year period of freedom for the nation of Israel known as? The Maccabean Period
Which Roman Govenor, in an effort to kill Jesus, decreed that all Hebrew boys in and around Bethlehem two years old and under to be killed? Herod the Great
What was the legal language of the Roman Empire? Latin
Which of the mofern conveniences listed below was not present in the first century Roman world? underground sewage systems, ability to heat and cool homes, antibiotic medication or ability to perform surgery. Antibiotic medication
Many slaves in the Roman Empire were financially and domestically better off than many lower class free people. True or False True
The mixing of different religions in belief and practice is defined as? Syncretism
Which religious group in the first century believed in resurrection, a spirit world and accepted the Jewich oral tradition along with the first five books of the Bible as authoritative? Pharisees
The Sadducees only accepted what religious writings a s authoritative? ...
Ancient Greek Mythology worshiped many gods which means it was? Polytheistic
The books of the New Testament known as the Gospels tell us primarily about? Jesus' life and ministry
The main purpose of the Gospel's is to convince unbelievers that Jesus is: The Son of God and Messiah
In the gospel accounts of Jesus' Baptism, which one Synoptic Gospel includes the detail that Jesus was baptized with other people? Matthew
The Synoptic Gospels are called synoptic because: they have a large amount of similar material
Which Gospel is the shortest? Mark (16 chapters)
In the year 64 AD, the emperor Nero launched a persecution campaign against the Christians because he falsely blamed for what? Setting fire to Rome
The word synoptic is a combination of two words, "syn" and "optic" each of which mean what... syn means together and optic means what they saw
List the three synoptic gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke
The Gospel of Mark was primarlity written to what audience? List one of the two reason why we believe Mark was written to this audience. Mark was written to the Gentiles. Because after a Jewish tradition he would tell you why they did that.
In the gospel of Mark, the Greek word translated most commonly as immediately appears 41 times, keeping the action of the Gospel moving. True or False True
Who was the cousin of Mark who traveled and worked with the opostle Paul on his firs missionay journey? Barnabus
Since Mark was not one of Jesus' orginal disciples, from whom did he most likely get his information about Jesus and why is this person a reliable source? Peter. Peter was one of the three that went on special trips.
List one characteristic of the gospel of Mark mentioned in class It is action packed
In the Gospel of Mark, Jesus sometimes instructs his disciples, other people and demons not to tell certain things he has done or that he is the Messiah. What is this called Messianic Secret
List 2 reasons as to why Jesus kept his identity and work secret for a time. He did not want people to believe in him because of his miracles. The Romans might stop Jesus.
What kind of Messiah did the Jews expect that Jesus was not A powerful warrior or army official
What disgraceful job did Matthew have before becoming a disciple of Jesus? High paid tax-collector
The Gospel of Matthew was primarily written to waht audience? In the first chapter what is the clue to this fact? Jews...the first chapter contains the geneology of Jesus
List 3 false rumors about early Christians and why Christians were accused of them. Christians were Atheists/Because they did not believe in the Roman God...Christians were cannibals/because when they ate the last supper they ate the body and blood...Incestuous/because they would greet each other with a holy kiss
How is the promise of God contained in Isaiah 7:14 fulfilled by Jesus in Matthew 1:18-25 Mary, a virgin gave birth to a son who was conceived by the holy spirit
Why can we trust the oral tradition that eventually produced the Gospels. Eyewitnesses were still alive, culture was oral, Jesus teaching style, motivation of hearers
Explain the Parable of Hidden Treasure In order to be allowed into the kingdom of heaven you should be willing to give up everyting and let God guide you.
Explain the Parable of the Workers of the Vineyard Everyone is accepted into heaven no matter what time you accepted Christ.
What does Jesus have authority over? Healing and forgiving sins
Why are Rahab and Ruth included in Jesus' genealogy? Gentiles are welcome in the Kingdom of heaven
Created by: lucybelle
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