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Lang of Med. Ch. 19

Language of Medicine Chapter 19

Papillary Tumour - give accented syllable PAP - TU
Anaplasia - give accented syllable PLA
Adjuvant - give accented syllable AD
pharmacokinetics - give accented syllable NET
differentiation specializtion of cells
morbidity condition of being diseased
modality method of treatment
remission absence of symptoms of disease
metastasis spread of a malignant tumor
chemotherapy treatment cancer with drugs
oncology study of maligant tumors
carcinoma in situ cancer, cancerous
malignant harmful cancer
hyperplasia incrase growth in number of cells
PSCT Peripheral Stem Cell Transplant
Which is an example of a solid tumor derived from epithelial tissue? Adencarcinoma of the Lung
What term describes localized tumor growth? Carcinoma in situ
What does staging a tumor mean? Assessing the extent of tumor spread
Which term is use in treatment of tumors with radiation? Linear accelerator
Which is a description of an estrogent receptor assay? Tests the concentration of hormone receptor sites in cells of breast cancer patients
What best describes interferon? Biological response modifier
Which term means cancerous tumor derived from bone? Osteogenic sarcoma
A side effect of radiation therapy (redness of skin): Erythema
A side effect of chemotherapy or radiotherapy (hair loss): Alopecia
Hypoplasia of bone marrow: Myelosuppression
Inflammation of the inner lining of an organ: Mucositis
Maligant tumor of fibrous tissue: fibrosarcoma
Additional treatment adjuvant therapy
Complex, naturally occurring chemicals steriods
Pertaining to tumors filled with mucus mucinous
VEGF secreted by tmors to stimulate formation of new blood vessels
EPO promotes the growth of red blood cells
mets spread of malignant cells to a distant site
Pieces of DNA that can cause a normal cell to become malignant cellular oncogenes
Unit of absorbed radition dose gray (gy)
Evaluation of the degree of maturity of tumor cells grading of tumors
Pedunculated Possessing a stemor stalk (peduncle)
Oncogene Region of DNA in tumor cells or in viruses that cause cancer
Mutation Change in genetic material (DNA)of a cell
Radiation Energy carried by a stream of particles
Possessing a stem or stalk (peduncle) Pedunculated
Region of DNA in tumor cells or in viruses that cause cancer Oncogene
Change in genetic material (DNA) of a cell Mutation
Energy carried by a stream of particles Radiation
Extending beyond the normal tissue boundaries inFILTRATIVE
Having the ability to enter and destroy surrounding tissue inVASIVE
Abnormal formation of cells dysPLASTIC
Localized growth of cells carcinOMA IN SITU
Formation of blood vessels angioGENESIS
Extending beyond normal boundaries, local invasion of tissue inFILTRATIVE
Treatment using drugs chemoTHERAPY
Possessing stem or stalk pedUNCULATED
Specialization of cells difERENTIATION
cac/o bad
carcin/o cancerous, cancer
cauter/o burn, heat
cry/o cold
fung/i fungus, mushroom
medull/o soft inner part
mucos/o mucous membrane
radi/o rays
-plasia (suffixe) formation, growth
brachy- (prefix) short (distance)
meta- (prefix) beyond, change
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