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a-fib, A-fib, or AFib Atrial fibrillation
alk phos Alkaline phosphatase
appy Appendectomy
bicarb Bicarbonate
bili Bilirubin
CBC with diff Complete blood count with differential
caps Capsules
cath Catheter
chemo chemotherapy
chole Cholecystectomy
A tube or the placement of tubes in the body. catheter or catheterization
A severe cardiac arrhythmia. atrial fibrillation
Excision of the appendix or inflammation of the appendix. appendectomy or appendicitis
Treatment with chemical compounds. chemotherapy
A chemical in the blood. alkaline phosphatase
Excision of the gallbladder. cholecystectomy
A lab value for liver function. . bilirubin
A form of medication. capsules
Percentages of different types of white blood cells. complete blood count with differential
One of the electrolytes. bicarbonate
crit Hematocrit
DC Discontinue
detox Detoxification
dig Digoxin
dip sesta Dipyridamole sestamibi
double J stent JJ stent
echo Echocardiogram
eos Eosinophils
exam Examination
flex sig Flexible sigmoidoscopy
Treatment for acute alcohol abuse or other drug overuse detoxification
White blood cells . eosinophils
Evaluation examination
Inspection of the sigmoid with a flexible endoscopic instrument flexible sigmoidoscopy
Recording of heart function by analyzing sound waves echocardiogram
DC—acceptable in a nurse's note discontinue or discharge
Medication for cardiac problems digoxin or digitalis
Surgical device for keeping tubes in place JJ stent
A nuclear x-ray exam dipyridamole sestamibi
A test for packed red blood cells hematocrit
Foley Foley catheter
HCTZ :hydrochlorothiazide
hem/onc Hematology/oncology
hep C (A, B) :hepatitis C (A, B) OR hepatitis A, hepatitis B, hepatitis C
K Potassium
KCl Potassium chloride
lac Laceration
lymphs Lymphocytes
lytes Electrolytes
mag Magnesium
Liver disease characterized by infection and inflammation. hepatitis
A catheter commonly used during surgical procedures for draining urine from the bladder. Foley catheter
Sodium, potassium, chloride, and bicarbonate, blood chemistries evaluated in laboratory studies. electrolytes
A cut produced by trauma. laceration
A chemical in the blood, also a medication given for some medical conditions, such as alcohol overdose. magnesium
The expanded name for the chemical KCl. potassium chloride
The medical specialty that deals with cancer and blood problems. hematology and oncology
Another type of white blood cell included in the CBC with differential. lymphocytes
K is the chemical symbol for this element. potassium
A medication for the control of hypertension and edema. hydrochlorothiazide
meds Medications
mets Metastases
migs Milligrams
mikes Micrograms
monos Monocytes
nebs Nebulizers
neuro Neurological
neuropsych Neuropsychiatric
O2 sat Oxygen saturation
path Pathology
The amount of oxygen present in the blood. oxygen saturation
Metric units of measurement, the most common form of drug dosage milligrams
The study of the essential nature of disease. pathology
An aerated form of medications given for pulmonary problems such as asthma. nebulizers
Pertaining to the study of two related medical specialties. neuropsychiatric
Drugs. medications
Metric unit of measurement smaller than the milligram. micrograms
The spread of cancer from a primary to a secondary site. metastases
A part of the physical examination or the study of nerve function. neurology or neurological
A type of white blood cell. monocytes
perf Perforation
preop Preoperative
postop Postoperative
prepped Prepared
psych Psychiatry
pulse ox Pulse oximetry
regurg Regurgitation
rehab Rehabilitation
sat Saturation
The process of restoring normal form and function. rehabilitation
The means of measuring oxygen saturation. pulse oximetry
The specialties that address the mind and mental processes. psychology/psychiatry
Before an operation. preoperative
The degree to which oxygen in the blood is bound to hemoglobin. saturation
Short form commonly used in surgical reports with “draped.” prepared
Following surgery. postoperative
Flow in the opposite direction from normal. regurgitation
A hole. perforation
sed rate Sedimentation rate
segs Segmented neutrophils
t. bili Total bilirubin
tabs Tablets
triple A Abdominal aortic aneurysm
V-tach Ventricular tachycardia
voc rehab Vocational rehabilitation
An increased ventricular heart rate. ventricular tachycardia
Retraining for a new or former vocation. vocational rehabilitation
A laboratory value related to the action of red blood cells. sedimentation rate
White blood cells that are part of the CBC differential. segmented neutrophils
A form of medication. tablets
A cardiovascular anomaly of the aorta. abdominal aortic aneurysm
A bile pigment measured in liver function studies. total bilirubin
The patient was told to take 4 caps _____ a day. capsules
A followup flex sig _____ will be scheduled. flexible sigmoidoscopy
The patient was started on nebs _____. nebulizers
His O2 sat _____ was 98% on room air. oxygen saturation
The wound was prepped _____ and draped in sterile fashion. prepared
Her dig _____ level was checked and was found to be normal. Digoxin
Past surgical history is positive for appy _____ in 2001. appendectomy
Patient was found to be in AFib _____ and was subsequently cardioverted. Atrial fibrillation
The radiograph showed mets _____ to the liver. metastases
She was taken to the cath _____ lab. catheter
crit Hematocrit
bicarb bicarbonate
exam examination
migs Milligrams
lac Laceration
mag Magnesium
perf perforation
mikes micrograms
regurg regurgitation
voc rehab vocational rehabilitation
A-fib _____ Atrial fibrillation
V-tach _____ Ventricular tachycardia
dig _____ digitalis
K _____ potassium
migs _____ milligrams
crit _____ hematocrit
diff _____ differential
eos _____ Eosinophils
lymphs _____ Lymphocytes
monos _____ Monocytes
sed rate _____ Sedimentation rate
appy _____ appendicitis
appy _____ appendectomy
prepped _____ prepared
chole _____ cholecystectomy
pulse ox _____ pulse oximetry
sats _____ saturations
flex sig _____ flexible sigmoidoscopy
echo _____ echocardiogram
dip-sesta _____ dipyridamole sestamibi
nebs _____ nebulizers
neuro _____ neurological
meds _____ medications
DC _____ discontinue
caps _____ capsules
tabs _____ tablets
detox _____ detoxification
mag _____ magnesium
rehab _____ rehabilitation
neuropsych _____ neuropsychiatric
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