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foreign terms

Coffee-colored. _____ cafe au lait
Right ear. _____ auris dextra
Added thing. _____ addendum
Blind alley, as the uterus. _____ cul-de-sac
AS or A.S. _____ auris sinistra
At your pleasure. _____ ad libitum
A hit or stroke. _____ coup
Both ears or each ear. _____ aures utrae
Abnormal sound. _____ bruit
Liver function disease. _____ Gilbert disease
Not divided into parts. _____ en masse
In its original position. _____ in situ
Totality. _____ in toto
In a block. _____ en bloc
Near the anus. _____ in ano
At the point of death. _____ in extremis
Through or by. _____ per
Immediately. _____ statim
Orange peel. _____ peau d'orange
A seam. _____ raphe
A space in the brain. _____ Virchow-Robin spaces
The existing condition. _____ status quo
Right eye. _____ oculus dexter
OS or O.S. _____ oculus sinister
Vascular phenomenon. _____ Raynaud phenomenon
Each eye or both eyes. _____ oculus uterque
hora _____ Hour
b.i.d. _____ Twice a day
p.o. _____ By mouth
h.s. _____ At bedtime
a.c. _____ Before food
die _____ Day
gutta _____ A drop
a.m. _____ In the morning
p.m. _____ between noon and midnight
t.i.d. _____ Three times a day
pro re nata _____ As needed
q.i.d. _____ Four times a day
q.2h. _____ every 2 hours
q.d. _____ Every day
quaque hora _____ Every hour
quaque _____ Every
in its original position in situ
at once stat
abnormal vascular heart sounds bruit
by mouth p.o. (per os)
according to your pleasure ad lib
before food a.c.
for, through, by per
every day q.d.
at bedtime h.s.
both eyes OU
in one block en bloc
things to be added addendum
three times a day t.i.d.
left ear AS
twice a day b.i.d.
existing condition status quo
at the point of death in extremis
every 6 hours q.6 h.
blind alley cul-de-sac
referring to one unit en masse
Things to be added. addenda
Right ear. auris dextra
At the point of death. in extremis
Spot on the skin. cafe au lait
Left eye. oculus sinister
q.i.d. four times a day
en masse. not divided into parts
p.r.n. as needed
coup a stroke or hit
en bloc. in one piece
Roughened skin, like a citrus peeling (peau d'orange, Raynaud phenomenon). peau d'orange
Virchow-Robin refers to a (seam, space in the brain). space in the brain
There were no (bruits, raphes) heard with the stethoscope. bruits
(In toto, In situ) means in its original position, in natural or normal place. In situ
Bis in die is an abbreviation meaning (every two hours, twice a day). twice a day
h _____ hour
g.t.t. _____ drop
O.U. _____ each eye
p.o. _____ by mouth
q.8 h. _____ every 8 hours
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