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M.T. Week 5

Medical Terminology Week 5

dia complete
gnoso knowledge
endo within
septo infection
somno sleep
stat stop/control
stomy opening
tension pressure
tomy incision
oncho nail
unguo nail
retro backwards
scopy to vies
lipo fat
glyco sugar
bario weight
dipsia thirst
phagia to eat
phasia to speak
mortem death
necro death
neo new
partum birth
natal birth
carcino cancer
chrono color
cryo cold
pedo child
ptysis spitting up
ac/ic pertaining to
al/an/ary pertaining to
ation process/condition
cision cutting
crine secretion
crit seperation
dynia pain
eal pertaining to
genesis producing/forming
lapse slide
malacia softening
Created by: Momma