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M.T. Week 3

Medical Terminology Week 3

epi above
hyper excessive
hypo below
sub below
intra within
endo within
ecto outer
extra outside
para around/beside
inter between
mega large
pan all
oligo scant
mano thin
gastro stomach
hepato liver
pulmono lungs
entero intestines
chole gall/bile
cysto bladder
cardio heart
pancreato pancreas
cholecysto gallbladder
esophago esophagus
appendo appendix
neuro nerve
colo colon
uro urine
lympho lymph
psuedo false
anterior front
posterior back
lateral away from middle
medial toward the middle
superior above
inferior below
trans across
dorsal back
ventral front
proximal close
distal far
superficial close to surface
deep away from surface
Created by: Momma