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chap 9-12 test

med term test

kidneys nephr, ren
renal pelvis pyel
urine ur, urin
ureters ureter
urinary bladder cyst
urethra urethr
prostate prostat
kidneys sit retroperitoneally with one on each side
renal cortex outer region of kidney
urination micturation
nephrologist specializes in kidneys
nephroptosis floating kidney
nephrolithiasis presence of stones in kidney
nephrolith kidney stone
cystolith stone in bladder
ureterectasis distention (enlargement) of ureter
ureterorrhagia bleeding from ureter
urethrorrhagia bleeding from urethra
urethrostenosis narrowing of urethra
diuresis increased output of urine
dysuria difficult or painful urine
enuresis involuntary discharge of urine
nocturia excessive urination at night
polyuria excessive urination
cystoscopy visual exam of bladder
KUB X-ray of kidneys, ureters, and bladder
diuretics meds to increase urination
nephrolysis freeing of kidney from adhesions
lithotripsy used to break up stones with ultrasonic waves
ureteroplasty surgical repair of ureter
lithotomy surgical incision for stone removal
brain cerebr, encephal
spinal cord myel
nerves neur
ganglion nerve center made up of CLUSTER OF NERVE CELLS outside central nervous system
plexus network of INTERSECTING spinal nerves
receptors SITES in sensory organs
stimulus excites a nerve and causes a response
norepinephrine released at synaptic nerve endings, responds to hypotension.
tract a group of NERVE FIBERS in brain or spinal cord
dementia slowly progressive decline in mental abilities.
encephalitis inflammation of the brain
lethargy listlessness, drowsiness, and apathy
stupor unresponsive state, can be aroused only briefly with vigorous attempts.
syncope fainting
coma no response to painful stimuli
persistent vegetative state come in which the patient can have sleep and wake cycles.
CVA cerebrovascular accident, stroke
cerebral thrombosis clot to artery in brain
TIA transient ischemic attack, temporary interruption of blood to brain
hemorrhagic stroke bleeding from blood vessel in brain, can occur from an aneurysm
aphasia loss of ability to speak
narcolepsy sleep disorder, uncontrollable episodes of sleep
demyelination loss of myelin sheath
sciatica inflammation that causes pain down leg, thigh, and foot
anticonvulsant med to prevent seizures
sedative depresses cns without sleep
topical anesthesia on tissue surface
local anesthesia in a limited area
regional aneshesia to numb a group of nerves
orbit eye socket
OD right eye
OS left eye
OU both eyes
canthus where upper and lower eyelids meet
cilia eyelashes
conjuctiva transparent mucous membranes to protect eye
lacrimal sacs or canals tear sac
lacrimal duct nasolacrimal duct
optic pertaining to eye or sight
ocular pertaining to eye
extraocular outside eyeball
intraocular within eyeball
sclera white of eye
choroid opaque middle layer, provides blood supply to eye
retina innermost layer in posterior of eye
intraocular pressure fluid pressure inside of eye
iris colorful muscular layer around pupil
cornea transparent outer surface of eye covering iris and pupil
pupil black opening in center of iris
lens curved structure that focuses images on retina
accommodation eye makes adjustments for seeing at different distances
Ophthalmologists specializes in eye diseases
optometrists specializes in visual exams
conjuctivitis pink eye
corneal abrasion scratch or irritation to cornea
corneal ulcer pitting of cornea
cataract loss of transparency of lens
retinal tear hole in retina that is pulled away
glaucoma increase in intraocular pressure
macular degeneration peripheral vision may stay normal
nyctalopia night blindness
strabismus any disorder where eyes point in different direction
esotropia crosseyes
exotropia walleye, outward diviation
visual field testing determines loss in peripheral vision
corneal transplant keratoplasty
retinopexy used to reattach detached area in retina
pinna auricle, external part of ear
tympanic membrane eardrum
malleus hammer
incus anvil
stapes stirrup
eustacian tubes equalizes air pressure in middle ear with outside
oval window separates middle ear from inner ear
bone conduction the auditory ossicles vibrate and conduct sound waves through the middle ear.
otalgia earache
otitis inflammation of ear
otomycosis swimmers ear, FUNGAL INFECTION
otopyorrhea flow of pus from ear
otorragia bleeding from ear
otosclerosis ankylosis of bones of middle ear, fused together
presbycusis gradual loss of hearing in aging
conductive hearing loss sound waves can't pass through fluid filled ear
sensorineural hearing loss nerve of hair cells in inner ear are damaged
tympanostomy tubes to relieve pressure and drain fluid
skin cutane, derm
nails onych, unbga
cutaneous relating to skin
epidermis outermost layer of skin
epidermis does not contain blood vessels or connective tissue
dermis corium, below epidermis
spinal anesthesia to numb spinal cord
general anesthesia total loss of body sensation
neuroplasty surgical repair of nerve
neurorrhaphy surgical suturing of nerve
neurotomy surgical incision of nerve
post traumatic stress disorder stress caused by traumatic experience
acrophobia fear of high places
agoraphobia fear of situations that cause panic attacks
claustrophobia fear of being enclosed
ADD attention deficit disorder
dyslexia developmental reading disorder
kleptomania causes stealing
pyromania disorder to set fires
conversion disorder changes to physical function that is caused by traumatic experience (mentally going blind)
SSRI serotonin re-uptake inhibitor selective (meds used for depression)
eyes opt, optic, ophthalm
retina retin
ears ot
sound acous, audi
AD right ear
AS left ear
AU both ears
collagen glue like material in skin
heparin anticoagulant
sebaceous gland located in dermis, associated with hair follicles, secretes sebum.
sweat glands sudoriferous glands
perspiring sweating
fissure groove like crack in skin
strawberry hemangioma soft raised dark red purple birthmark
lupus erythematosis autoimmune disorder causes butterfly rash
keloid abnormal scar beyond incision
keratosis wart or callus
lipoma benign fatty tumor between skin and muscle
nevi moles
polyp mushroom like growth from surface of mucous membrane
skin tags polyps hang from skin by stalks
actinic keratosis precancerous growth on sun damaged skin
botox temporarily blocks nerves
tinea ringworm (fungus)
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