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Word Differentiation

afferent toward the center
illusion a misleading image
affect expression of emotion
except to leave out
adenocyst an adenoma
effect the result or outcome
accept to agree to
elusion the avoidance of
efferent away from the center
adenosis disease of the glands
effective productive of results
affective arising from emotions
We were unable to help him to (accept, except) his mother's death. accept
He seemed to be deeply (affected, effected) by the loss of his dog. affected
He continued to experience (allusions, elusions, delusions) when taking the prescribed medication. delusions
We told him to discontinue all medicines (accept, except) for the Haldol. except
(Affective, Effective) use of drugs requires knowledge of their side effects. Effective
As it is experimental, all of the side (affects, effects) are yet unknown. effects
An (afferent, efferent) loop is a loop formation toward the directional center. afferent
He made continued (allusions, elusions, illusions) to a traumatic experience while in the war. allusions
There was no cyst formation; therefore (adenocyst, adenosis) was ruled out as possible etiology. adenocyst
There was the inexplicable (allusion, elusion, illusion) of the palpated mass on ultrasound. elusion
He was diagnosed with a schizo (affective, effective) disorder. affective
The patient suffered from (adenocyst, adenosis), or glandular disease, in the parotid gland. adenosis
Juli kept (alluding, eluting) to her past history of drug abuse as the major cause for her psychiatric problems. alluding
A Taxus drug- (alluding, eluting) stent was used in the procedure. eluting
dye material for coloring
elicit to draw out
dysplasia abnormal development
illegal illicit
echoes repetition of sound
die to stop living
dysphasia impairment of speech
discreet showing good judgment
dysphagia difficulty swallowing
echos plural echocardiogram
discrete individually distinct
There were no (discreet, discrete) calcifications. discrete
We tried to (elicit, illicit) information from her. elicit
Following injection of the contrast (die, dye) we performed the procedure. dye
The patient had complaints of (dysphagia, dysphasia, dysplasia) with all kinds of food. dysphagia
Her (echos, echoes) were all within normal limits. echos
She drinks a moderate amount of alcohol and is on no (elicit, illicit) drugs. illicit
The patient expressed a wish to (die, dye). die
The patient suffered from (dysphagia, dysphasia, dysplasia) secondary to her stroke. dysphasia
There were increased (echos, echoes) on the examination. echoes
When talking about his family life, he was generally very (discreet, discrete). discreet
There was marked (dysphagia, dysphasia, dysplasia) on pathological examination. dysplasia
exacerbation increase of symptoms
enterocleisis closure of wound
enervation removal of a nerve
innervation nerve distribution
feces excrement
exasperation being irritated
fascial fibrous tissue
enteroclysis barium injection
facies expression of face
facial pertaining to the face
The colon was packed with (facies, feces). feces
Following (enervation, innervation) the wound was closed. enervation
The incision was taken down through the (facial, fascial) plane. fascial
The patient experienced an acute (exacerbation, exasperation) of abdominal pain. exasperation
The patient experienced a blow to the eye and had severe (facial, fascial) swelling. facial
increase in severity of disease exacerbation
excrement feces
a flattering remark compliment
moral faculty of the mind conscience
localized hyperplasia of epidermis callus
closure of wound in the intestine enterocleisis
impairment of speech dysphasia
bedwetting enuresis
supply of nerves to a part innervation
difficulty swallowing dysphagia
not fine, rough coarse
away from the center efferent
situated or occurring near the ear parotid
removal of nerve enervation
lacking normal tone atonic
showing good judgement discreet
to refer to indirectly allusion
insertion of a cannula cannulization
to receive willingly accept
toward the center afferent
The patient's low back pain was (exasperated, exacerbated) by carrying around her toddler child. exacerbated
The soccer player suffered an orbital rim fracture with severe (fascial, facial) swelling. facial
An ultrasound of the heart revealed scant cardiac (echoes, echos). echoes
The infant was diagnosed with (core, cor) triloculare, a congential abnormality where the heart has 3 chambers. cor
On mental exam, the patient's (affect, effect) was normal and mood was euthymic. affect
The patient made no (illusion, allusion) to what may have caused his panic attacks. :allusion
A biopsy revealed the breast lump to be sclerosing (adenocyst, adenosis). adenosis
Percussion of the abdomen was performed to assess any (ascitic, acidic) fluid. ascitic
CT images of the chest revealed (branchial, bronchial) atresia. bronchial
The (coarctation, coaptation) of the wound edges was carried out using staples and Steri-Strips. coaptation
fecal pertaining to excrement
fundal at the bottom
hyalin albuminoid substance
thecal sac in the spine
homogeneous uniform quality
flexure a bending
homogenous sharing a common ancestor
flexor a muscle flexing a joint
cecal pertaining to the cecum
hyaline glassy or transparent
fungal caused by a fungus
The cyst was in a (fundal, fungal) location. fundal
There was a (homogeneous, homogenous) component to the virus. homogenous
The hepatic (flexor, flexure) was noted to be normal. flexure
There was a (fecal, cecal, thecal) residual in the colon. fecal
Changes on x-ray examination are probably due to (hyalin, hyaline) membrane disease. hyaline
Spine x-ray showed a normal (fecal, cecal, thecal) sac. thecal
The (flexor, flexure) tendon functioned normally. flexor
There was (homogeneous, homogenous) echotexture of the liver. homogeneous
The ileo- (fecal, cecal, thecal) valve was seen and was normal. cecal
He was given medications for presumed (fundal, fungal) infection. fungal
instill enter drop by drop
introduction leading or bringing in
malleolus rounded process
install to establish in place
intralocular within a cavity
ilium hip bone
malleus auditory ossicle
induction inducing anesthesia
ileum portion of small intestine
intraocular within the eye
Following (installation, instillation) of contrast, the upper GI examination was done. instillation
The lateral (malleolus, malleus) was inspected and found to be entirely within normal limits. malleolus
The (ileum, ilium) was not able to be visualized on the film of the pelvis. ilium
She underwent (induction, introduction) of general anesthesia. induction
The (malleolus, malleus) and vestibule were normal. malleus
The (ileo-, ilio-) cecal valve is normal. ileo-
The new beds will be (installed, instilled) in the rooms in one week. installed
There were bullous changes in the (intralocular, intraocular) areas of the lungs. intralocular
We will recheck his values following (induction, introduction) of his new regimen of medicines. introduction
The (intralocular, intraocular) lens was implanted. intraocular
ostial pertaining to a door
mucus free slime
metastasis spread of disease
osteal bony, osseous
mucous resembling mucus
mediastinotomy mediastinal operation
metaphysis part of the long bone
median sternotomy cutting through the sternum
mental pertaining to the mind
omental a fold of peritoneum (adj.)
The bony (metaphysis, metastasis) of the femur was calcified. metaphysis
There was a buildup of (mucous, mucus) behind the ethmoid sinus. mucus
There was (osteal, ostial) thickening of the aorta. ostial
A (median sternotomy, mediastinotomy) was performed prior to the coronary artery bypass grafting. median sternotomy
The (mucous, mucus) membranes appeared normal. mucous
On (mental, omental) status examination there was clarity of thought. mental
The patient’s x-ray revealed marked ( metaphysis, metastasis ) to all major organs. metastasis
The patient had (osteal, ostial) pain in her ankles. osteal
A (median sternotomy, mediastinotomy) was performed secondary to metastasis to the mediastinum. mediastinotomy
The (mental, omentum) was noted to be intact. omentum
plain simple
proceed continue
peritoneum serous membrane/abdomen
peroneal fibular
precede to go in front of
perineum area between the thighs
plane a straight surface
parenteral injection by alternate route
perineal pertaining to the perineum
parental pertaining to parents
The (perineum, peritoneum) was noted to be normal. peritoneum
We decided to (precede, proceed) with his physical therapy. proceed
The (perineal, peroneal) ligament was torn. peroneal
We followed the normal (plain, plane) of dissection. plane
He was begun on total (parental, parenteral) nutrition. parenteral
A (plain, plane) film was taken of the head. plain
Consent (preceded, proceeded) hospitalization. preceded
The youth is strongly in need of (parental, parenteral) guidance. parental
Her (perineum, peroneum) was torn during intercourse. perineum
prostate male gland
profusion abundance
resonance vocal sound
perfusion pouring over or through
regimen strictly regulated activity
reflex involuntary action
residence where one lives
reflux backward flow
prostrate lying horizontal
regiment military unit
protrusion being thrust forward
prosthetic artificial part
prostatic relating to a male gland
During the (perfusion, profusion, protrusion ) scan, a health care provider injects radioactive albumin into the patient's vein. perfusion
A strict (regimen, regiment) of antibiotics was started. regimen
The patient was found on biopsy to have (prostate, prostrate) cancer. prostate
There were normal (reflexes, refluxes) exhibited throughout the extremities. reflexes
There was (perfusion, profusion, protrusion) of the intestine through the abdominal wall. protrusion
The patient should remain (prostate, prostrate) for at least two weeks. prostrate
There were three (residence, residents, resonance) assigned to his care. residents
The PSA was negative for any recurrent (prostatic, prosthetic) disease. prostatic
There was a normal (residence, residents, resonance) of sound. resonance
He was checked for sandfly disease secondary to his (regimen, regiment) being assigned to the Persian Gulf. regiment
The patient was fitted with a (prostatic, prosthetic) device. prosthetic
The patient had symptoms of (reflex, reflux) esophagitis. reflux
silicone organic compound
sight seeing
scarpus not a real word
site a location
track path
Scarpa's deep membranous layer
tract a region
root the lowermost portion
silicon nonmetallic element
route channel
The catheter was entered via left subclavian (root, route). route
The (sight, site) of the patient's scar was severely edematous. site
A cyst was noted just inferior to (Scarpa's, scarpus) fascia. Scarpa's
The patient had recent (silicon, silicone) breast implantation performed. silicone
The patient's (sight, site) was very poor secondary to cataracts. sight
The aortic (root, route) appeared within normal limits. root
The sinus (track, tracked, tract) was clear of obstruction. tract
The compound was tested for (silicon, silicone). silicon
Laboratory values were (track, tracked, tract) throughout the hospital course. tracked
lingual towards the tongue
vertex summit or top
uncal hook-shaped (adj.)
Zantac used for ulcers
viscous thick and slow-flowing
ungual pertaining to the nails
waist between the chest and hips
Xanax used for anxiety
waste gradual loss or decay
vortex a whorled design
viscus large organ
The skin had a (vertex, vortex) pattern. vortex
(Xanax, Zantac) was prescribed for peptic ulcer disease. Zantac
The patient had her temperature taken (subuncally, subungually, sublingually ). sublingually
Amniotic fluid is normal and the fetus is in a (vertex, vortex) presentation. vertex
The patient had gradual (waisting, wasting) away of his mental capacities. wasting
The patient was placed on (Xanax, Zantac) following her violent rage. Xanax
A pin was jammed into the (subuncal, subungual, sublingual ) region and it necessitated the removal of the nail. subungual
She is unable to bend at the (waist, waste). waist
The (uncal, ungual) structure was normal on the cervical spine x-ray. uncal
During surgery care was taken to avoid damage to any (viscus, viscous ). viscus
Upon cutting into the brain during the autopsy, a (viscus, viscous) fluid oozed out. viscous
within the eye intraocular
resembling glass in transparency or translucency hyaline
physicians serving in residency residents
a place or position site
pertaining to the nails ungual
pertaining to the outer side of the leg peroneal
extended in horizontal position prostrate
a muscle that flexes a joint flexor
abundance, large quantity profusion
simple, uncomplicated plain
male gland prostate
process of seeing sight
the place where one lives residence
pertaining to a structure that is long, thin, and curved uncal
to continue in an orderly way proceed
bony, osseous. osteal
path, route T. track
the act of pouring over or through perfusion
pertaining to the region between the thighs perineal
a backward or return flow reflux
The (sight, site) of the wound was cleaned and dressed. site
His blood sugar levels were (tract, tracked) over the course of 24 hours. tracked
The wound drained purulent and (viscous, viscus) material. :viscous
The bone (protrusion, perfusion) through the skin indicated an open fracture. protrusion
The patient was started on a low-salt (regimen, regiment). regimen
Informed consent (preceded, proceeded) the procedure. preceded
The (plane, plain) film of the ankle revealed no fracture. plain
His nose drained clear (mucus, mucous). mucus
The patient is being seen for a suspected (fungal, fundal) infection on his foot. fungal
There was (osteal, ostial) thickening noted. ostial
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