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MS.Alicia's Class

"blocking out" the appointment schedule book is called developing a matrix
Which of the following is the principle regulator of the Autonomic Nervous System? hypothalamus
The outer layer known as the "white" of the eye sclera
How many pairs of cranial nerves are there? 12
What is the fluid that circulates within the cavities of the brain and spinal cord? cerebrospinal fluid
Temporary dizzines, numbness, and hemiparesis are symptoms of what? Transient ischemic attack
What part of the human eye contains photoreceptive cells? the retina
What are the two divisions of the autonomic nervous system? sympathetic and parasympathetic
Which lobe of the cerebrum is identified as the brain's major motor area? Frontal
Which of the following is characterized with severe pain along the course of the sciatic nerve? Sciatica
Which of the following divisions of the autonomic nervous system is concerned with body functions under stress? Sympathetic
Which of the following is weakness or paralysis on one side of the face? Bell's palsy
Which of the following are seizures of varying duration, with possible loss of consciousness and body functions? Epilepsy
The type of scheduling system that may produce the longest patient waiting time is: Wave scheduling
The three types of neurons are which of the following? Sensory, motor, and interneurons
Which of the following is characterized with inflammation of the meninges of the spinal cord or brain? Meningitis
The 2 main divisions of the nervous systems are: central and peripheral
What part of the human eye sharpens the focus of light on the retina? lens
When handling an emergency telephone call from a patient, the first thing a medical assistant should do is: Get the caller's name and telephone number
Which of the following governs all sensory and motor activity? Cerebrum
What controls the size of the pupil of the eye? Iris
How many pairs of spinal nerves are there? thirty one
The term accomodation refers to the lens changing shape to permit viewing of which of the following? near objects
A report containing the results of an MRI scan is called: radiology report
Which of the following is a temporary or permanent loss of memory that may be caused by a brain injury? Amnesia
It is unacceptable for the physician to make and receive personal telephone calls in the office false
The family history is a record of the health problems of only the patient's blood relatives true
In making corrections on progress notes, use correction fluid or erase the error completely false
When charting, entries should be brief but complete true
Items such as a patient's record, that would be difficult to replace if lost should be sent by certified mail true
An OUT guide is used to temporarily replace a folder that has been removed true
A tickler file is another name for a numeric file false
Correct letter writing uses the pronoun "I" often false
A letter style in which the date, complimentary close, and signature line all begin in the center is called modified block style true
When a copy of a letter is sent to a person other than the addressee it is noted at the bottom of the letter with the word "copy" false
Signed record kept registered mail
Neuron A nerve cell
Nerves Bundles of axons in the PNS
Electromyography the recording of the contraction of a skeletal muscle as a result of electrical stimulation
Myelography perform a lumbar puncture then instill dye
First class greater than 11 ounces priority
Hypothalamus coordinates the activities of the autonomic nervous system
Lumbar puncture remove spinal fluid from the subarachnoid space
CT scan computerized, three-dimensional x-ray
Electroencephalography a test to detect abnormal electrical impulses in the brain
bulk mail third class mail
microglia smallest of the nueroglia of the CNS
sheath protective membrane
postcards first class mail
newspapers second class mail
A condition of imperfect development of the spinal cord atelomyelia
An artificially induced sleep is known as hypnosis
Paralysis that affects one side of the body is called hemiplegia
A conditions where there is a loss of memory is called amnesia
A thin membranous sheath that envelops a nerve fiber is a neurilemma
The medical term for swelling of the optic disk is papilledema
The brain's major motor area is located in the parietal lobe
Nerves that transmit impulses to the CNS are called sensory
An abnormal fear of high places is called acrophobia
Which lobe contains centers for auditory and language input? Temporal
The surgical incision into the skull is craniotomy
Which of the following is not a membrane that encloses the brain? oblongata
The medical term for headache is Cephalalgia
The medical term that means an interrelationship of the mind and the body is psychosomatic
The surgical crushing of a nerve is called neurotripsy
The brain and the spinal cord constitute the __________ nervous system central
___________is a division of spinal nerve roots Radicotomy
A severe form of senile dementia that may be due to a defect in the neurotransmitter system is called Alzheimer's Disease
Difficulty in comprehending written language is called dyslexia
__________function to mediate impulses between sensory and motor neurons Interneurons
A cerebrovascularaccident may be called all of the following except autism
which of the following is NOT a function of the hypothalamus? it coordinates movement
The medulla oblongata regulates and controls all of the following except Temperature
A medical term for the loss of the ability to eat aphagia
________is a chromaffin cell tumor of the adrenal medilla Pheochromocytoma
Created by: AlongCameAlicia