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neurosci pt 2

size principle the size of the motor neuron is directly related to excitability. Hence small motor neurons (Slow twitch) are depolarized and recruited first
differentiating between myogenic and neuropathic 1) EMG findings reduced in myogenic 2) creatinine kinase is marker of muscle degeneration
Phase dependent reflex response to stimulus varies with phase...as when hitting a limb during the swing vs the stance phase.
frontal leucotomy was one of initial neurosurgeries, which was effective in treating depression refractive to other treatments
LARP and RALP left anterior and right posterior--left vertical recti, and right obliques while RALP is right anterior , and left posterior and are in plane with right vertical recti + left obliques
antibodies to __ has been show to cause blindness int those with retinoblastomas the omnipause neurons, which inhibit burst neurons Omnipause neurons are found in the nucleus of the dorsal raphe
nucleus prepositus hypoglossi and medial vestibular nucleus are together involved in in neural integration of head and eye velocity to determine eye position (so you can hold it after smooth pursuit or saccade)
Are REM sleep behavior disorders normal? If not describe what the problem may be It is not normal; this is likely a sign of a neurodegenerative process not a behavior problem. It is a type of sleep walking due to loss of muscle paralysis during sleep
Describe the differences between REM sleep behavior disorder and somnambulism The former is a disease of the elderly that occurs out of the REM cycle; the later is common in children and occurs out of non-REM/deep sleep
What are the four 4's controlled by the hypothalamus? feeding, fleeing, fighting, fucking ; the four F's
What signals the hypothalamus to increase the bodies temperature set point? Interleukin-1, which is secreted by macrophages and can make its way into the CNS
How does bundle/fasicle formation occur? cadherin. Axons are attracted by integrins. They grow along one another and adhere to one another with CADHERINS
What prevents axonal regeneration in the CNS? Though axons try to sprout, there is little integrin in the CNS, and oligodendroglia (3 factors on its surface=NOGO) inhibit growth). Furthermore, proliferating astrocytes/glia secrete excess chondroitin sulfate which also inhibits axonal growth.
What factors might help axonal regeneration in the CNS? Oncomodulin, which is only secreted by macrophages in the periphery, enhances growth. Also, blocking SOCS3 would deinhibit expression of cytokines by astrocytes.
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